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  1. Bwahhaa, I need some serious bikini shopping!! Woot!!

  2. Heya my love, thanks for all the comments on my blog :)

  3. Cat sitting? Was it any fun? I am not going anywhere this summer, just staying in Manchester and chillin' till I start Uni again in 2 weeks time! Gosh, can't think that I'll be in my final year!! Scary! How about you?

  4. Second year in high school or university?! I am doing well, will be in my final year of Uni in 2 weeks time! Omg, time has gone so quick!!! Scary to think about it! I'll be a qualified nurse this time next year...Bwahaha.

  5. Everything is good in HK. I got my exam results yesterday and I got the right grades to go to Manchester University to do Nursing! I am soo happy! Its my first choice ;)And sorry, I just think that Phelps is ugly...

  6. HUNNY! I missed talking to you on various threads!!!! Omg, that guy is a PERVERT!! Its so digusting, I was about to report that post...But yeah, that smiley was honestly the only reply I can give.....How are you? I still hate Miley.

  7. I miss you. Go to the Mathias thread, you are missing lot's of good pics ;)

  8. Oh goodness Michael, you just made me SOOO impatient!!!!! Now how am I going to wait till December?! HOW?!!

  9. I hope you are having fun :) Missing you lots!

  10. Oh gosh yes, I finally feel like I am actually achieving my goal. I mean, I guess I was fustrated with school because I am still at school and not actually becoming what I want to be yet to achieve my dream. But I am finally moving on and I feel good. How about you? You always knew that you want to be a pilot?

  11. Hello. What is your name? You seem really nice, I know for sure that we both like Freja and Mathias :)

  12. Heya Michael. I watched KOL performing in Glastonbury on BBC3 the other day when it was repeating and omg, they were sooo amazing there! They are so humble, its so cool to listen to those nice songs from their third album :D

  13. Ah well, we are having similar problems here in the UK. Fuel prices are going up, food prices are following suit! It sucks, I am going to Uni this September and I am worrying how on earth I am going to budget everything! The weather is nice today and my hayfever isn't so bad :P How old is your sister? Mine is 26!!

  14. So that makes the grand total of 4?! Well, at least its more than one! Hehehe, are you excited that they are performing in Glastonbury this year?!

  15. I know, right?! Isn't it annoying?! Its fustrating because I can buy a ticket now and watch later, but then I would look like a loser :p But anyway, I am going to study Nursing in Manchester. Wooohooo! Pray for me Michael, I hope my results is GOOD and I can go there (that is if you are religious at all, if not, well, wish me the best!)

  16. Martin, you make me laugh...

  17. OMG, you are old! What happened? You time travelled and took a photo of yourself in the future?!

  18. I know!! People are so money hungry! Righhhttt, are you talking about the Wembley in London? Is so, then tell me quick so I can get my friend to buy the ticks! Anyway, thanks for being so helpful and supportive with this whole ordeal ;)

  19. Eek, I didn't like what he wrote...It was so WRONG.

    I am 18 and I am doing to be 19 in December :D

  20. Well, my hayfever varies from day to day. It tends to be better when its rainy, so I am envying you right now :) And I agree, I have no idea how bad the prices are going to be...I can only be thankful that I am not in a home owner's position! No loans atm, so I guess I am not feeling the credit crunch so badly. If you are going to move, which country are you going to move to?

  21. Oh I know, both Freja and Mathias are soo attactive. A trip to Copenhagen would be nice, it will kill my doubts about that city being boring :) But then again I don't have enough money to go... Solevnia seems like a nice place :D

  22. Eeek, I can understand only a fraction of your father's pain :( I hope that he can find comfort that the peeps here in the UK are having exactly the same problem. Italy sounds brilliant! Its a country with immense culture. Lol, have you ever been to New York City?

  23. Hello, hope everything is good in Russia :) I forgot to say "spaceba" for adding me as a friend :)

  24. OI Ellie, you have no exams now, post more here at Bellazon!

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