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  1. DREAMBALL CHARITY EVENT IN BERLIN (18.09.2008): Lena Gercke with her boyfriend Jay (US5).
  2. Very beautiful pictures of Selena:
  3. I'm happy about her successes, because she is really nice and simply great...
  4. She is a fantastic musician and looks like a supermodel...
  5. Magdalena Neuner is a really great biathlete. She is the youngest overall world cup winner in the history of biathlon. She won the overall world cup in this year with the age of twenty-one (*09.02.1987) years. Until now, she won six world champion titles in her very young career. At the junior World Championships, she won also seven gold and four silver medals. Her performance is incredible and she is one of the best athletes in winter sports. Magdalena Neuner is Germany’s female athlete of the year 2007!!! Magdalena with her award: Magdalena with her three gold medals from the world championships in 2007 (she is the youngest triple-world champion ever): Magdalena with her gold medals from the world championships in 2008 and her award for her victory at the overall world cup:
  6. Alicia Marie Sacramone is an American artistic gymnast. She won the silver medal with the American team at the Olympic Games in Beijing. She won also seven medals at the World Championships. In 2005 she won the gold medal on floor exercise - her biggest success. She is really great! Born: 03 December 1987
  7. To Mxxr: You have right! Yeah, she is so pretty!
  8. Stephanie Rice was a really successful swimmer at the last Olympic Games. She won three gold medals in Beijing and is one of the most successful athletes of those Olympic Games. She won the 200 m and 400 m individual medley by world record! Stephanie Rice becomes born at the 17 June 1988 in Brisbane.
  9. Emma Green is a very pretty high jumper from Sweden. She won the bronze medal at the world championships in 2005/Helsinki. That is her greatest success. Her date of birth is the 8. December 1984.
  10. NEWS: Karolina Kurkova made pictures with Wladimir Klitschko (box world champion / heavyweight) for Vanity Fair. You can see it in the next magazine of Vanity Fair. It was also for the cover... Waiting for this magazine... Now, I have only that very tiny picture:
  11. Britta Steffen is a really great swimmer from Germany. In 2006 she won four gold medals at the European championships in Budapest - two by world record. Britta Steffen won two gold medals at the Olympic Games in Beijing/China. I'm so happy for Britta, because she is also a nice and likeable person. She won the 50m and 100m freestyle competitions - both by Olympic record. She becomes born at the 16.11.1983 and is living in Berlin.
  12. My favorite casual activity beside drinking beer...
  13. A really nice picture of her:
  14. Tina Maze is an alpine skier from Slovenia. I like her really much, because she is a fantastic athlete and also very friendly. I think that she must have a topic on this great forum… Tina Maze becomes born at the 02.05.1983 in Slovenj Gradec/Slovenia. Her current statistic: Olympics Games starts: 3 World Cup starts: 175 World Cup podiums: 12 World Cup victories: 6 She won five SUPER G races and one DOWNHILL race.
  15. Triinu Kivilaan is a great musician from Estonia. I love her music and also Triinu. She becomes born at the 13.01.1989 in Abja Paluoja/Estonia. Triinu plays three instruments and she is a fantastic and really pretty singer! She was member of Vanilla Ninja. It is the most successful band from Estonia. Now, Triinu is back and I’m so happy! She has her label in Germany (03 Studio) and she speaks also German - respect. Her new song is “Fallen”. It’s a wonderful song! Please watch the video: That’s her MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/triinukivilaan
  16. Miriam Rickli is Swiss and lives in Kaltbrunn. It
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