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  1. I do know what you mean! & I like the no-nonsense bird on top, he's just stayin the same route, no messin around..I was captivated when i first saw it too :)

  2. Oh...well, oh.. :ninja: Im pretty sure she went some sort of blonde, i hope i'm not wrong :P Yeah! I downloaded it, im gonna watch it now :D

  3. Wow, that was really good :|

  4. I've lost track of the messages :ninja: And yeah, it's a beautiful shot of her! Hmm, maybe not, because she was blonde before but went back to her natural colour :P But i do like the colour on her..

  5. Sweet! I like Good Friday a lot, and of course i downloaded the rest :P Cheers matt ;)

  6. Well dude..All is good, be movin out prob sometime next week, it's weird...Yeah and tell her to get her ass on Bz :D How u doin?

  7. Awesome :) I really don't know, havent heard from her in ages :(

  8. Hey! Im good, I actually got back yesterday! It was great :D Had a bit of a throat infection though so that kinda ruined it a bit :/ But other than that...How are you? What have you been up to? :)

  9. Sup! No word at all, unfortunately :( I miss her! Haha yeah do, and say Hi from me too! :D

  10. I never get a chance to watch FTV! :( I might look it up to see if it's on soon and record it :shifty: It's not on youtube anyway, I'm wondering if i saw it already, if not, then new Edita Gifsssss :D

  11. Awesome man, you're pretty set so ;) Nah it's fine, moving out is gonna be cool and a bit sad in a way too, but you gotta do it someday :) Thanks man..

  12. Well hope you get better soon! Aw sweet! Must be a cool enough job? I have to start looking for a job soon enough cuz i'll be moving out of home in september..It's pretty hard to find one tho.. :/

  13. Berno

    Sorry, 3 years :P

  14. Berno

    Yeah its always been hid :P But so you know, im 2 years younger than you ;) And thanks! :)

  15. Ah, Limer my good fellow, what a pleasant surprise! I'm doing quite good! How about you?

  16. Berno

    Happy Birthday :)

  17. Excelllent.... ;)

  18. Thanks for the b-day wishes, i got very drunk, it was awesome :D And yeah, ulead gif animator is good for newbies, but the videos have to be in .avi format to make gifs outta them..

  19. Thanks Joe! :)

  20. Thanks a lot :)

  21. Thank you :)

  22. Thanks :)

  23. HEY LAY! :) Havent spoken to you in ages, it's all my fault with my lack of pm skills :P I use Ulead Gif Animor 5.

  24. Glad you like Michea enough to have her in your avi AND your top models sig :)

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