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  1. Sorry i was a bit late, i've been out all day. My sister had her baby :)

  2. I'll have a link for you tomorrow, or dropbox, either one ;)

  3. Enca!! :woot:

  4. That's great :D No i didn't, i don't watch much tv anymore, only when there's something on i really wana see then i just record it :P

  5. YEAH :( My last one is this week though :D How are you?

  6. Haha, i really didn't think i would..

  7. Wow, havent checked my profile in a while! :P And yeah i replied, did you not get it? Thats been happening to me lately, because someone else never got a message from me when i sent it like 3 times :o & I guess i really am a blondie's fan now :P

  8. Yeah it is her, trying to bring some warmth to this miserable weather we're having :D

  9. Ok it works, god thats hot :p

  10. Haha, i must check it out :P Yes she is! Yeah i saw it in Anna J's thread, it's crazy :|

  11. Yeah i saw it a few days ago on youtube :) I love her voice! & Kasia Struss? Did she let down the english speaking polish people? :O

  12. Haha, epic is a pretty strong word, but it was very good. I could put it in the dropbox for you :ninja: it's 700mb..

  13. There's a space after "s04e09." There shouldn't be, so have it all together in the address bar :)

  14. I didn't know you liked Edita! Awesome avi! :woot:

  15. Haha, I'm so stupid. Now...http://www.fileserve.com/file/Sgb2swG/gossip.girl.s04e09.hdtv.xvid-fqm.avi

  16. Well that thread is boring with "them". I know you made that thread, thats why i mentioned her to you :shifty: I think she looks nice with blonde, but i looked back in her thread and she did look really great with the red hair :O

  17. Martha Streck :woot:

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