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  1. Thanks! :D I'm still recovering, haha..

    <--Sweet picture btw :)

  2. For real? I think we've reached a new level in our relationship Mattser..

  3. I know you weren't.. ;)

  4. How long did it take you to come up with that excuse you big stalker? ;)

  5. I could've drop boxed you...

  6. Whats your reason for stalking me?

  7. Now you dont reply to my message? Is this opposites week or something? :P

  8. What it do, Limer :) I'm pretty good.. How about you?

  9. Yours sounds a lot more interesting..Haha.

    Really? That doesn't reflect well on me does it... My best friend who is a guy also watches it though, but he's the only guy i know who watches it too.. :P

  10. Haha it's okay, you can send one :P

  11. I'm always looking out for you ;) I haven't watched it yet, haven't had time. I'll watch it tonight i guess..

  12. I'm doing a digital media course :) What course are you doing? :D

  13. It's a very good film, you should try see it.. Yeah, that was quite amusing to me, especially so that Justin Bieber didn't get any..

  14. Oh yeah, that big guy who dated Serena? I didn't think his acting was that great in The Social Network though.. @snooki comment - haha yeah I think that's basically it :P

  15. Haha yeah... :P But when he walked up to Blair and Epperly(?) and was like "ladies...epperly" and had the same expression the whole time i was like, good god!

  16. I know! :o Life's pretty good, cant complain.. Yeah I'm college, just finished exams couple of weeks back, all went well :) How about you? 2nd year of college or?

  17. Chace Crawford is the worst actor ever..

  18. Dammit... try here


    Go down to the botton where it says "download with filefactory basic"

  19. Congrats to you too! :D What do you make of GG so far?

  20. Got my results today, passed them all :) I was really relieved because i thought i failed 2 of them :P

  21. A boy :) She named him Kian.

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