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  1. A beer does sound good! what's your favorite bear btw?

  2. Thanks dude! I wouldn't worry, I'm sure your time will come as well ;)

  3. Haha, surely i'm not the only one! :)

  4. Edita maybe? Funny, because this is the first proper sig i've had in a long time, glad it caught your attention :) Haha yeah, I don't feel the need to be like that, after all they're just people like us, albeit extremely beautiful people but still :P

  5. Haha I have no idea what you're talking about! Is Ginta the model in question?

  6. Haha thanks Layla :hug: I have the same idea about the Ginta thing too! It may take a while but it'll be worth it :P

  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  8. Cheers Michael! :)

  9. Berno

    Thats because i only have the day and the month and not the year :P anyway thanks! :)

  10. Dammit, i always forget about that game! :P thanks for the reminder!

  11. Yeah exactly, and i need the dough at the moment cuz i just got my drivers license and i wana get a car so it should help, IF i get the job that is.. are you workin night shifts or somethin? just saw you posted you're only going to bed now!

  12. It's good you're doing something all the time. I've been lazin around for a while, i'll be applying for a job in events security tomorrow which'll bring me to all awesome gigs if i get it so fingers crossed! money is good too :D

  13. I is good ;) How about you Limey?

  14. Ahh, well at least you'll be kept busy! I'm gonna be on the lookout for a job soon enough, it's tough finding something though :/

  15. Pretty much the same, i got exams all next week, but then after that I'm scto free for the summer, can't wait :D

  16. Haha no, I've never heard of that stuff, I don't think it's sold here :P How you doin anyway mate?

  17. I think it's more like sear-sha, but there is different pronunciations of it... & yeah, that was Meadhbh, you've got a good memory :P

  18. I actually just watched "The Way Back" a few days ago and she was in it (playing a polish girl) and i thought she did very well.. Oh and its an Irish name, it translates to "Freedom" :)

  19. I almost always forget my dreams like 5 minutes after i wake up so i wouldn't be able to choose either :P

  20. That's weird. Our minds are in sync Layla, its a sign.. :P But yeah it was the best dream I've ever had just because she was in it! Sounds stupid i know..

  21. I had a dream i was hanging out with Ginta last night, i was so angry when i woke up and realised it wasn't real :( :P

  22. Aw thats too bad :( I had a cold last week too, and i think it's coming back! Its mainly my fault though by going outside in tshirts all the time :P

  23. Well I am Irish ;) What did you do for 'Paddy's' ? :D

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