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  1. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹

  2. :wave:

    1. MattLoveModels


      The boy that lived! How/whereย in the world are these days?

    2. Berno


      Still in Ireland! Living my best life haha. I tend to log on every few months when a random bellazon memory just pops into my head. Usually it's of a very cringey moment ๐Ÿ˜‚ How are you doing bud?

  3. I honestly think we're going to be demolished :| haha

  4. Yeah i dunno, im not as interested in most models as i used to be i guess.. yeah its a decent video, the song is pretty catchy too. rihanna can do no wrong for me though, she's amazing

  5. your observational skills are staggering :p

  6. and of course the fact he's canadian also adds to me liking him ;)

  7. but deadmau5 is the proper way to type it ;) yeah i love his music, some of it is so relaxing.

  8. I know, I'm not really setting a good example :P haha yeah she's the only model whos work i follow now, i lost interest in all the others.

  9. Wow, sorry for such a late reply :| You know, i had absolutely zero interest in the VSFS this year.. and even if Edita did walk it, which she didn't, i doubt i'd have watched it anyway.. the only model i have any interest in these days is Ginta.

  10. That's good, i've been doin okay :D haha no unfortunately not, some day though :P How's college?

  11. heh heh.. how've you been? :)

  12. i've returned from the shadows :shifty:

  13. haha pretty sweet aint it.. o rly? no i haven't heard anything. damn :/

  14. She is very pretty :) (HB) ;)

  15. Well yeah for college! thanks, im suprised i lasted a week tbh.. no i didn't get it, turned out to be out of my reach a bit but im gonna get a different one soon hopefully :)

  16. Yes, actually :D I quit a month ago and havent had one since! Oh right, well at least you got to go away. I didn't :( i didnt really have the money for it and i had to save up for my deposit on the house i'll be living in this year so yeah...

  17. Very interesting :shifty: Oh yeah? Well where did you go? No i'm pretty sure thats for some shoot, but i can't find the video.. i hope she doesn't smoke in real life.

  18. Why thank you! ;) And how are you doing?

  19. Hey! I was wondering where you were! How was the holiday? :) Thanks, and yeahh it's going good so far anyway! :P

  20. Berno

    Thank you! :D

  21. heh, thanks so much! :) How have you been doin?

  22. Probably an ice cold budweiser, nothing beats it for me.

  23. I guess everyone did then lol.. Well that was the main idea of having the link in my sig. but i didn't want to attract stalkers, haha. thanks though :P

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