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  1. Hello Dayrell. You are Alex Dayrell?? When yes, we had contact before man years: I am Sylvia from Germany.  How are you? Alex, I see your photos of WWD covers from Japan. I  want ask you:  Can I have biggerst scans from your beautyful WWD covers? I love it sooo very. I never see before. Maybe I can exchange for other scans....? Many greetings 🙂 SY

    1. Dayrell


      Hello Sylvia, how are you? Yes, it's me. How long we don´t have contact. Everything ok with you? 


      Dear: I found those covers on web. It´s a celebration of WWD Japan - they are in number 2000 and they promise published every covers in site. Until now they only upload the covers from number 1 to 411. I saw another covers with many models and those ones with Linda - I never saw them before too. I hope they upload the other covers, because I´m sure Linda certainly have more covers.


      If you want to see, here is the link: https://www.wwdjapan.com/s/506501


      If you can find a link for the other covers, please, let me know. Kisses dear

    2. zauberkorn


      Hey Alex. I am happy to hear from you. I am o.k. I hope you too. 🙂

      Thanks for the information with the WWD. So we must wait and check up the pages. I hope we can find more of Linda. 


      I have still other question on you:

      I remember that you was together with Ekatrina from France and Shana for the internet page Welcome to levangelista.net.

      Why stop the pages since 2017?  No interest, no times?

      Many greetings. SY




    3. Dayrell


      I realy don´t know what happens. I´m just a friend for the girls and send for them what I found. But they missing, never heard more about them

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