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  1. hey sweetie, I am sorry I am replying sooo late, I just found out your comment here...How are you? Why were you banned? I actually wanted to write to you.. )) As for me, I am ok, not lseeping again((

  2. I use Orbit downloader

  3. I don't know what S.com is :/

  4. thank you for stopping by and thanking me, very sweet of you)) have a nice weekend

  5. Hi!

    It's (left->right)^ Eugenia Volodina, Natasha poly, maryna linchuk, snejana onopka, anna selezneva, edita vilkeviciute, natalia vodianova

  6. Hi, ire

    today I feel surprisinly good but yesterday and it's like for a week, I felt awful

  7. simply got cold.

    for Paris as u already know

  8. later, Anthony, ok?

    I am sick and busy and have to pack things. If I have a minute, I will make it

  9. аа я напутала, ты выложила сканы из Базара, а мне что-то в голову вбило

  10. аа где ты нашла Вог? :cry:

    у нас нигде нет :o

  11. посмотрели друг на дружку (профиль в смысле) lol

  12. "Tanya's thread always gets so politiQal. :|"


    I wonder why

  13. hi sweety <3<3<3

  14. no problem)

    I hope u enjoy it)

  15. Judith, thank you so much for Eugenia! Great scans!

    Have a nice week))

  16. thank you too, Layla!)

  17. есть


  18. well, I passed the first one today.

    it was in the summer. And I pass them twice a year

  19. hi Anthony. yeah, I am busy with exams lately. But I am fine. thnx

  20. Спасибо)

  21. Thank you Amir))

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