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  1. Rumor has it BB has gone delusional
  2. ha it put you to sleep. success
  3. Asking a question to deny the truth of my sentience are you?
  4. Someone famous once said the most dangerous are those who seem harmless
  5. ^^ You wish, sweetheart. My mind is in another place right now. ^ new recruit to SIS
  6. It seems we've scared the vegetarians away
  7. Rumor has it [solo]'s MIB memory-erasal/naivity devices are working ON BB ^ Rumor has it Vogue Girl has been attacked by PinkCouture. We're in this war together, girl!
  8. Rumor has it JoeKnight has been assigned to spy on BB and report all activity to SIS
  9. Rumor has it that was in shock after learning I had made you pregnant
  10. Rumor has it yours_forever was the spy who stole the plans from the death star (honey trap )
  11. Rumor has it BB has taken to referring to me as her lamb in hopes of hypnotizing me into sleeping with her
  12. And I hope somewhat more attractive than him
  13. you saw that?! Rumor has it JoeKnight knows this because he was surveilling NBC news.
  14. Rumor has it BB demands more charm :|
  15. Rumor has it BB will be unwrapping herself Christmas morning.
  16. Rumor has it PinkCouture was the one who sprayed Tom Cruise with water pistol
  17. Rumor has it BB is missing the sugar.
  18. Rumor has it BB is seeing double due to a particularly nasty punch she received in a catfight with Jennifer Aniston.
  19. Rumor has it BB is Jessica Alba's body double for nude/sex scenes.
  20. Rumor has it PC manufactures gold and diamonds from thin air.
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