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  1. And what sort of documents would that be, beautiful?

  2. first actually :P, but one of the other admins added some robot admin and bumped me to #2 :/

  3. happy birthday dude

  4. Happy birthday, dudette

  5. Hello, sweatheart...

    Haha, my bday is exactly 10 days after yours.

  6. i are in ur comments reading ur posts

  7. I know. I'm just nice like that : )

  8. i said exactly 10 days ;) including year

  9. nothing :( travelling crap = low money = no friends in vicinity = uneventful holidays :P

  10. thanks man. all credit to supermodel diva :)

  11. toni; Haha, sorry, don't worry about it. The PC I'm on sucks, and I'm working on a programming project and MSN/Firefox etc was using up so much memory that it ended up crashing... I didn't log back on because I was trying to concentrate, and then it uses up memory... I thuoght you'd gone quiet for a while anyway :P

    penny; Hey, ty! what's up. New Years was fu

  12. Too much, eh... I'll take that as a compliment ;)

  13. whats up bro. Didn't notice your comment. Nah, I'm still in DC area. How you been?

  14. whats up with you, you freakin disappeared. grr

  15. Yeah it means I'll live longer ;)

  16. You *are* incredibly beautiful.

  17. You my nigga, boii. From now on you are known as Big P.P.

  18. You're a real cutie. What country are you from, out of curiosity?

  19. Your profile picture is atrocious, love. You have much more beautiful photos on facebook.

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