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  1. frenchkiki

    Skin Care

    This woman changed my life. I never had acne once in my life, but her advices about skin care are priceless. And her reactions to famous people skin care routine too I am a "The ordinary" fan now.
  2. I think we should talk about this on the French thread. Tired of English.
  3. You do exactly what you reproach to the "feminists" you hate so much. See only what you want to see. You can think she looks bad for the role or is a bad actress. No problemo. But not for a second she is playing the victim in that video and just like you, she has the right to answer to the ones whom criticize her. You are making no differences between the one playing the victims (And they are many) and the one like Danielle who is just answering to you and others in a smart way just to play down the whole thing. No idea who was Faye or Danielle before that. Spike ? Buffy ? Sixto Rodriguez ? And the fans, chicks or dudes, are always to blame! Always !
  4. She is absolutely not playing the victim card. She is making fun of the morons with no life who are never happy with the feminine character picked for a movie. She need to have huge boobs ! And wearing the tiniest clothes ever ! Who is fighting and shouting dressed like that ? It's not sexist to criticize her, it's stupid. She is just answering in a funny, sarcastic way to the idiots whom criticizing the way she looks, and she has the right to do it. It's always the same thing when it comes to actresses playing a cartoon/comics/manga character. They never fit the role because of their look according to the "fans" It happens only one time with a man, and it was with Ben Affleck playing batman. So my girl Harley and I, we are applauding Daniella and we To all the frustrated dudes and cry babies.
  5. Don't be mad. Never seen one episode of the serie. But it always makes me laugh to watch short clips on TV, so I am sure it's good
  6. If I was 80 years old : Ginger Rogers Netflix or Amazon Prime ?
  7. Outspoken conservative radio host Phil Valentine dies after battling COVID-19 https://www.newschannel5.com/news/newschannel-5-investigates/outspoken-conservative-radio-host-phil-valentine-dies-after-battling-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR3BlLN_qQwK2nYqLlsYGy0AFOztqxk_eemjvlyMWhjaxYEx6RPykJlospY Valentine's brother said Phil regretted not being more pro-vaccine and wrote, if he got back on the radio, he would encourage people to get vaccinated. Yeah. Kind of too late. And how many people died because he told them NOT to get the vaccine ?
  8. This ^^ Don't get me started with The freak show named Samantha Hoopes and The dude named Josephine Skriver. The 3 looks like they are coming from the same family when i think about it...
  9. Marisa was never beautiful. Great body butterface. Now it's messed up butterface
  10. Thank you ! I've only seen #Alive and Train to Busan on your list
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