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  1. Missing Who? 😑 I'm so annoyed of the same since 2006. During jarić era and see how it end. She needs a low profile character who realy take care of her, not from far away but some who is near for her 1000%. Como decimos en mi pais, amor de lejos, amor de pendejos y esto es una realidad les guste o no siento. Estoy harto de ver la misma mierda año tras año ya es suficiente de lo mismo. Si me van a expulsar por lo que he dicho haganlo pero yo no voy a seguir soportando y viendo este mierdero todo el tiempo. Asi q en sus manos esta mala mia pero es la verdad. Cuando ella de verdad deje de buscar a estos payasos mediaticos y de verdad vea con los ojos del corazon quien de verdad la quiere hasta la muerte, esto va a continuar lamentablemente. Lo siento mala mia pero como dije es la maldita realidad en q el dinero siempre busca al otro dinero y ustedes diganme , cuanto dinero se van a llevar cuando todos mueran? Cuanto? NADA. Moriran en la misma forma en que nacieron mas pobres al igual q ella.😑


  2. 7 minutes ago, fieldofoptics said:


    This is beautiful 

    7 minutes ago, fieldofoptics said:


    This is beautiful 

    This suck instagram suck , i can't see a damn damn thing!!😑😑

    On 7/25/2018 at 4:38 PM, morpheu said:

    Her IG stories

    adrianalima_37289871_526957557739445_2946495054232944640_n.jpg adrianalima_36926710_234021033915358_883282487101358080_n.jpg


  3. 37 minutes ago, EliSuperSaiyanv12 said:

    Goooool gooooooool gooooool!!!! Brazil 1 Mexico 0 ???

    Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooll.! Brazil 2 Mexico 0 ???? time to celebrate?????????????

  4. 5 hours ago, ninfa said:


    someone have the rest of this set


    Com a bencao dos orixas...... yea rite?. When she decides to date a simple unknown man she will be happy for real, instead of all those oversaturated mediatic guys she's in lately.?

  5. Till i know yes, she's out just wait this VSFS 2018 to figure it out for sure. If she don't appear, this year so that mean a yes. Sadly but nothing last forever. The future is not set but,  in her case according to her in her own words is set indeed. Señor or Señora.

  6. Ooh, give me a damn break!!!!!??????. I've hear this before how much??....... since Jarić era.?????????? i'm soooooo annoyed at this...... i get a permanent ban  ......... let's hit it!!!!!!!!???

  7. 7 minutes ago, nhlovesadri said:

    A friend of her cousin Adrielle I think, I saw him in her ig stories yesterday.

    Mmmm ok i guess i can deal with lt. Thnx for the info.?

  8. 1 hour ago, Smarf said:

    So here's one that could use a little bit of explanation.


    This is more older than i'am but ....huh ? . This porn look alike noncense occured in 2008 on a VS photo shooting. Someone correct me if i'm wrong ....... thanks. *Hiccup* ?

  9. 6 hours ago, fieldofoptics said:

    CBED8FA6-4CD4-42D0-8474-93956702EBA6.thumb.jpeg.3f7f907b29d8c4d2a6cf87680d1f2aed.jpeg 7596FF4F-3CE3-4BF7-97D7-804413666621.thumb.jpeg.3fb88eb31f416e21b6be8f42b523d6b7.jpeg


    :D:D I'm on the floor. I can't. Even with the fact that it's Metin aside, come on. King and queen? :D oh adriana..


    Metin is going to be around for the long haul lol smh :D at this point I can only laugh about it. 

    What the hell is this??? . R u f****** kidding me? R this serious?? ..... how i miss the good ol 2004 and up...????

  10. 1 hour ago, Souled-Out said:

    It has been like two weeks since he was last seen with her and she deleted just one photo of them. What did I tell you all he was going to do after that mark? Do something on social media  to remind people of this, after a certain amount of time. Adriana hasn't posted anything on her feed at all, so he doesn't have anything to like, now he has to do this. This a stunt. Especially since more fans probably noticed her delete that picture, so yeah, this seems about right. Anyone ever notice, when he post about her, he always promotes himself when he does it too? When he'd sneak photos of Adriana in his IG stories while in Miami he also quoted himself. He always promotes himself when he posts her.




    Really tired of seeing her being used by him in multiple forms. He literally can't go two weeks without reminding the public of their relationship since she unfollowed him. He can't post about her without promoting his work. He can't even stay with her for a month without him taking pictures all over her house to post on his IG stories, he has been home this entire time and he hasn't posted one piece of his home yet, but he keep showing Adriana's. He keeps coming across as disingenuous and using her for attention. The fact that Adriana, the one who is already known and successful and who obviously just wants more privacy, can actually avoid doing this but now he can't go two weeks without pulling this stuff is telling, and its not good because before she famously unfollowed him, he didn't keep pulling these stunts. He hates that the public don't know about their relationship status much, even though he shouldn't even care


    Thats why we saw this one coming because she deleted a picture too. It was only one picture but combined with the fact that the public hasn't saw them together for more than the week + the reason why she deleted the picture , he does something like this. All I can say is, I hope Adriana just doesn’t fall for this. He isn’t showing love, he is exploiting her constantly now. He didn’t even post a picture of them together, only a picture of her while quoting his own work...exploiting her.  Thats why he also kept showing her home while in miami. This is all exploitation. I hope she doesn’t fall for this, there is a reason why he keeps being like this and she isn’t, because she doesn’t exploit him

    I can't see a damn thing just 2 black squares with a message ??

  11. 2 hours ago, *Luna* said:

    Of course I hope that she will feel better soon but what's the huge deal about her being sick...? Everyone gets sick every once in a while, it's not like she's a superhuman/alien/whatever that can't get sick :rofl: 


  12. ? Hoping you feel better asap i'm here for you with no hesitate ????.... I only just hope u step in here and read this....???....but.i know that will never happen ??.

  13. 1 hour ago, Don_Billy said:


    Actually those pictures are from 2003, Maybelline shooting for sky high curves mascara.

    Probably but that commercial wasn't aired till mid November the rest December 2004 that's why say December 2004 was the first time i saw it ... i dunno.

  14. 2 hours ago, Don_Billy said:


    New-old pics that i´ve never seen, i dont know exactly year or date but i estimate they are from year 2000 or 2001. She looks gorgeus.

    078_1000.jpg 077_1000.jpg 079_1000.jpg 080_1000.jpg 081_1000.jpg 082_1000.jpg 083_1000.jpg 501_1000.jpg


    December 2004 in New York if i remember , this was a Maybelline commercial i was livin in downtown by the time.

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