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  1. Well Kinda :D ! Hi Lyon it's been a while since my last post :| it's cuz i've been pretty busy this past year,but hoping be here more often like before hoping also you have this new year your wishes made true ;)

  2. Welcome to Bellazon! Thanks to step by on my Profile ,have a great time here! :)

  3. Welcome to Bellazon

    Hitomi Have a great time here sharing with everyone :)

  4. Welcome to BZ and, thanks for all the pics Adriana deserve the best in this world and in the another world too lol Congratulations and THANKS!!!! :)

  5. Congrats Man!!! Enjoy ur new rank for all i can see this year started exellent for u ;)

  6. Thanks dude :) also hoping ur most beloved wishes became true this new year for sure!! :D

  7. Thank you! :hug: I hope u'll be fine as well as all ur family too Merry Christmas!! and hoping ur most beloved wishes and resolutions became true this new year ;)

  8. Prepare urself Prince Vegeta,u will become SSJ3 Soon.

  9. Thank you for adding me in your friend list :)

  10. Yea just wait ,in December and u will see :p ,also hoping everything is running pretty good there :)

  11. I'm fine honey...thank you how about u ;)

  12. Glad to hear everything is running in da hood there ;) but now in christmas we will see a chillin Germany :p

  13. Yeah man today it's 91'F :p but that is normal here i preffer better when increase up to 115'F on summer,but i can handle it ,but can u?? :p cuz i guess the temp in germany is below 25'F isn't :p

  14. I'm pretty good Majin Boo :p how about you?

  15. Happy Birthday dude!!


  16. Yeah lol i'm terrible but in a good way thanks for being here ,is very comfortable to see fellow country people fan of Adri as well :)

  17. It's a shame u get banned i wonder why that happen ??? :/

  18. Thank you ,how i wish ,true and loyal friend like u be here more often ,hoping u be great always too ;)

  19. Thanks :hug: ur a true friend and hoping this bothersome issue server get finaly fixed and can be stable like before .How i wish more people here on BZ be sincere and true friends like u ,Thank You forever :)

  20. Happy Birthday!

    Feliz Cumpleanos!

    Savanna ;)

  21. Hey Mr Goulart Hi Man how r u :) is really amazing!! i never knew i like the songs of Seal well for all i can see more things on common u and I lol hope u be great like always :)

  22. Hi My sweet Pumkin,thanks for all our beautifull moments in here ,is really Marvelous and very important to me,i know one the past few day we was on a very bad sequence of events ,but all have ups and downs,but i know we gonna do whatever possible for the ups stay forever instead and i can't wait for reach the goal with u and be forever the winners of this beautifull story untill our last day

  23. Any time Man!! ;) Cuz u and i have a lot of things on common.

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