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  1. this is no longer fashion. only kass is exceptable (and klum). what is wrong with casting.
  2. thank heaven for kass
  3. asia argento ^ freja beha erichson ^ reese witherspoon ^ mae west ^ rachel williams ^ alanis morisette ^ margherita missoni ^ carla sarkozy ^ sandra bullock ^ kate winslet
  4. freja beha erichson is the best in the industry.
  5. none of these. i mean you're right they are classic but they're popular and that makes them boring. but the question is good and makes you think. van der Wal is simply the best of the best of the best (of all time! and all who look like her) carmen kass is number two because her face is sad and happy ann ost is third due to magnificence freja beja erichson is fourth because she is flawless rachel williams is fifth but should be second kristen mcmenamy is six but should be first ohmyra mota is seventh. she's a knockout. annie morton is eighth jessica stam is number nine mariana weickart is tenth
  6. how about Fillipa Hamilton. how about Marnay. sonia rykiel is beautiful too.
  7. never enough of klum ever anywhere
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