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  1. oh my gosh, I've only ever seen one shot from this shoot, thank you so much! It's wild to think there's still stuff out there that we haven't seen. I miss her so bad.
  2. Oh man, ten years I was just thinking about her the other day on a long car ride, wondering what sort of thing she might be up to now if she'd lived, wondering if she'd still be modelling or if she would have retired and chosen another path. Poor girl, she was so young.
  3. Only just managed to see the actual footage from the show and Manu really stole the whole segment. <3 (In case anyone else hasn't seen it - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AH7HbeSTEwI) Are there any gifs floating around of her from it this year?
  4. She needs so much more work than she gets. Judith is gorgeous.
  5. I am in love with her at the moment. Fantastic lips and eyes.
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