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  1. who's in your avi right now?

  2. nice posts, Fender!

  3. sorry it took me so damn long...but thanx for the sweet b-day wishes darling!


  4. THANK YOU for Claudia Galhardo photos!!!! xoxo

  5. hi Darling ;) xoxox

  6. Glad you like Alice Dodd as well :D

  7. THANKS encantador ^_^

  8. I love Marie Sophie, so I posted your scans on her thread--with credit to Pierrehc! thank you for your work!

  9. Welcome to BZ !

  10. thanks for all the great, rare Niki scans!!!! xoxox

  11. beautiful contributions!!!!!

  12. thanks for Karen Alexander :)

  13. Great Posts--keep it up ;)

  14. I love your avi--is she Bardot? ^_^

  15. THANKS for the id, Minus!

  16. I understand hon---I hope you can go home soon!!

  17. Chicago is an awesome place in the summer...at least it's cooler than New Orlean :)

  18. THANKS for the Olga P. scans!!!!

  19. thanks for Cynthia Anthonio!!!! Love it!!!! :)

  20. Hi there~!welcome aboard :)

  21. thanks for the compliments! :hug:

    1. lancelot479


      Not compliments! ; ) Objective observations! : )


      Are you still on BZ. I haven't been until someone has been posting Insta pics of Tori Praver, and I came back to her pages.


      Hope your family, friends, colleagues, and you are healthy and happy during the pandemic! : )

  22. I love your set right now!!!! Vanessa is so great :kiss:

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