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  1. yeah what happened to her, she isn't acting or anything so wth is she up to =O

  2. thanks =D will do =)

  3. thanks =D

  4. jig

    thanks =D

  5. thank you =) you have an awesome page here btw xD

  6. jig

    thank you =)

  7. jig

    happy bday =)

  8. jig

    watashi wa tako desu :D

  9. jig

    nani kore? _O_

  10. jig

    is that Mion or Shion? ^^

  11. with that post I meant the sasaki-vid with yumi in it btw

  12. Yeah, Yuko is still by far the cutest lady on earth, but I decided Yumi is more beautiful hehe (that post of yours helped btw =D). And Meisa is gorgeous ^_^

  13. jig

    indeed, where'd you go Princess? :(

  14. jig

    nice new set =)

  15. only just noticed your comment haha :$ thanks!

  16. jig

    thank you! =)

  17. jig

    どうもありがとうございます Princess! :)

  18. cool, and this time ill bring MY dog ok?

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