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  1. ^^:| :rofl:

    Adriana Lima - Lima is like a car accident for me.. you know it's bad.. you just can't help watch.. so wanna see

    Marisa Miller - Kinda wanna see... cause of the video I've seen of her. She looks like she's walking with a stick up her ass.. and I need a good laugh

    :rofl: :rofl:

    From "Valentina Zeliaeva-flawless perfection?" thread:

    layla, you know i like you much more more than Valentina :rofl:

    seriously Vlantina is very boring in my opinion, she is so not interesting, her expressions are always the same she doesn's show emotions, she is probably my least fave russian model ever.

    Ralph Lauren is so good to her, because it is the most boring collections in all over the world, they are for old, conservative women.

    Yes, but she's still MUCH prettier than duck-faced Julia Stegner :whistle: :laugh:

    i will Quack you <_<


  2. Alessandra x3

    Joe is not going to be here today so i'll put up the next round ;)

    :woot: :woot: :woot:

    :blush: :blush: :blush:

    Special thanks to Enca :blush: . I sent the message to many but didn't know whether anyone would make it in time :blush: . Thanks for coming to the rescue, and thanks to MissLimaV for the effort :flower: .

    Thanks :D !


    No problem, Joe :blush: :flower:

    Cute puppies :wub:

    Score coming...could the first person to vote just count it :ninja: . I only have time to put this up right now :ninja: .

    No one did it :anger: :war: !!!

    For those that missed it, round before last...

    WINNER Laetitia 54.5 (48.5 minus 2 of her fans who were first time voters :mellow: )

    Doutzen 49.5

    I try not to spend the whole day on my computer and look what happens :pinch: :p

    Do you remember those good ol' days when encantador was running this competition..? :hehe:

    :unsure: :rofl:

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