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  1. My goodness thats extremely HOT! THANK YOU SO MUCCHH!!! So there's a new fragrance coming out? But it says 'same' *&^%$.
  2. At first I thought she meant, lost contact as in "no more friends" sort of lost contact mmm. THANK YOUUUU!!!<3
  3. o_O toooo late, i gave up chocolate for lent x_x NOO!!

  4. I Knoww righht? goshh my spanish teacher gives us tests EVERY WEEK -_-

  5. <_< I'm extremely jealous on whoever won the bid -Sighs-
  6. aw ya but that song reminds me of a ex who dedicated it to me x_X now it just makes me sad :idk: oh weell.. but heeyyy didja watch the superbowl? purrtyy spiffy right? haha

  7. AH chocolate? xDD SHARe? :DD

  8. LOL! HHHA! ah, i've never seeen that movie x_X hopeffully this week goes by fast :[

  9. aw surprissed? well i was pretty surprised for someone having their set with him! But yea dude, same here, I always loved him, so does my family xDD <33

  10. can your nickname be ho? :)) xDDD

  11. Ahh.. I expected WAYY more from her I waited and waiited ages for her to 'host' <_< BUT ONLY ONE COMMERCIAL? i mean commeee onnn...they showed Gis even more bleh.. and we've already seen the commercial they presented :anger: WORST PART, MY TEAM LOST 3 POINTS...3! JSDOFHFDF
  12. I'm always a bad influence with everyone i speak to ;)

  13. yes yes the one you have now :))) i lovee it so muchh x_x I had a scan of it, where she's bending downn ^_^ wonderful! one of my favorittteee commercials :D

  14. thank you so so so so so sooo much! Are these for the super bowl? CAN'T WAIIITT TILL 3PM TODAY! she loooks sooo beyond amazing, my dayumm!!
  15. Why would i date them if they werent hot? OH YEAHH personality lmfao! oopsie. to admit the damn truth, 2 were good looking..and one was "sweet" like cute sweet. Now shes a bitch -_- or is it the other way around xDDDD AH I HAVE TO SNEEZE hurry come closer so i can make you sick :)

  16. For those douche bags who commit suicide? Sure! Am I right when i say, dogs are cuter then cats?
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