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  1. I love those pictures, So cute and makes her 'playful' side stand out. Ah-mazing
  2. My fucking damn.. The colors, the outfit, the skin complection , everything is flawless. Thank you so much I've seen this photo on VS website, but too lazy to look for the actual actual picture. ha Thank you yet again.
  3. ^^ i Hope thats photoshoped ha naww; but cute?
  4. The Brazilanscout pictures are ssoooo gorgeous. Danng Thank you!!!
  5. Eh.. I don't think she's ready personally. But whatever sweet.
  6. heyy im actually real good, how are you hun? :] long time no talk x_x

  7. {name}


    ^ Eh.. Jennifer uses real animal fur..therefore she can go to heccckk Naw but foreal, I don't like her..who would compare both of them? ha..wow Queen Vs. disaster? I'm mean, yes I know
  8. I love how I Love the old pictures that I use to not ..love
  9. She looks so..'star wary" ha ha
  10. Thats cute what KK said! Thnx
  11. yeah her style looks so laid baccckk and so down to earth
  12. haha Oh wow. Ah But no im not with anyone at this moment. Why you ask hun?!

  13. why you interested? -wink cough wink cough- x]

  14. mm to actually tell you the truth, I'd have to go with your mom :)

  15. everything lol! no really I haven't been online for yearrss. HEY i see it was your bday yesterday? AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :( :( :( :( :( happy BELATED BDAY LOVVEEE<333333

  16. -cough- stalker-uncough- ha! Actually both! =) What about chu mm?

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