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  1. Thanks for the visit and the compliment, sexy lady! :)

  2. So you like classic cinema eh? :)

  3. This time I left a comment! :D

  4. This time I am going to leave a comment! :p

  5. Thanks for you to drop me a line, AZgirl. I'm not close to being a BZ stud though, but I appreciate the compliment. :)

  6. Heya Matt.

    I'm still here, check in nearly every day, though I don't post as often as I used to.

  7. Thanks for the b-day wishes!

  8. Thanks for all the birthday wishes! :)

  9. I'd use the word "attention whores" if I wasn't such a nice boy. :p But you are right, some of them are super-annoying.

  10. It's not just you. It's like the drooling puppy-dog parade sometimes in the "post your picture" thread.

  11. Hey hey there, how was your Christmas?

  12. Where did you disappear off to, Ed!

  13. Where have you been? :idk:

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