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  1. MM was always more about the body than the face. I even remember the old "is her face attractive enough for VS" discussions.
  2. I kind of miss Hoopes' mean girl personality. Too many of the girls are too nice.
  3. She's not bad. She was pretty good in The White Lotus too. She is very good at playing like the snarky teenager/college student types.
  4. The movie is pretty forgettable but she is pretty good in it I think.
  5. Anya isn't in The Voyeurs! Sydney Sweeney is. But I know you like her too?
  6. This is one of the first underwear shoots I have seen of her where they have her wearing sets that actually flatter her figure.
  7. Interesting girl! A unique look. Will keep an eye on this topic.
  8. The pose isn't really the issue for me. Her facial expression in the moment of taking the picture is slightly weird. I don't know why they wouldn't have chosen a different shot!
  9. Still fills out a pair of jeans rather nicely...
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