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  1. You don't know Gal Godot? The actress who plays Wonder Woman? She also started out as a model.
  2. Her status in Holland nowadays now seems to be more of a "celebrity for celebrity's sake". Perhaps she is no longer really interested in continuing a big/international modeling career.
  3. Dani Torres. https://www.instagram.com/daniitorresl/
  4. Good for her! I don't think I ever saw or remember a model who made such a clean break of her career.
  5. Has she done nothing at all modeling wise after her retirement?
  6. 245021390_378104967330102_8274054965317448200_n.mp4 245077165_401108131599446_4407546939839258583_n.mp4 Source: Her IG stories 244762480_169295985392966_76565268254145274_n.mp4
  7. More Guess, mostly knitwear. Bonus pic:
  8. They are posing in a way that does seem meant to refer the painting?
  9. IIRC, she and Courtois "met" on IG?
  10. Looks like they are spoofing American Gothic so I guess they are meant to be American Goths?
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