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  1. Francy, r u still around? Contact me, I have something I want to show you.

  2. How dare you! My sig SPARKLES!

  3. If you're gonna get into the scanning game, be prepared! Anyone can jack your stuff and repost it if you don't tag them. My tagged scans get stolen all the time but at least they are tagged.

  4. Trust me, no one indulges in themselves more than I do, hahaha!

  5. I still don't think its Candice in the VS commercial.

  6. Hello there. Just passin' thru.

  7. I heard some news about Vogue USA....okay, not really. BTW, I don't like Agyness Deyn. I can't believe you like that guy!

  8. FUCKIN' SHIT! I fucked up the Miranda commercial cap, Joe! I need you to keep watch for it again and let me know when it airs.

  9. Don't mind me, I'm just passing thru.

  10. YEAH! I'm looking at your profile, WHAT ABOUT IT?!? You should check Candi's thread, I've finally decided to contribute something.

  11. Shit! Now my name's gonna show up on the list!

  12. Let's chat! Find me on MSN! HAHAHAHA!!!!

  13. You should eat some Hot Cheetos with your Thanksgiving turkey and mash potatoes. It'll get your booty burnin'! Yeah!

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