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  1. Kirsi Pyrhonen (model) : Finnish Her thread : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=28056
  2. Look forward to it, I've never seen her VS work, actually VS catalogues have never been available in my country, neither is Sport Illustrated
  3. It's nice to see you back posting Bill
  4. Happy New Year to you too Redhead Thank you very much for the wonderful material Red ! Aww she is so cute on that Dolly cover
  5. German Vogue June 1989 my scan
  6. Too much but I never laughed, I still cry on the friend I lost last year Have you ever tried to bite your toe nails ?
  7. You could have waited at least until tomorrow, never mind I like to be screwed and........ I win
  8. 66Lucy

    I Am...

    Thinking "you always are"
  9. I do actually almost everyone of them ! Have you ever laughed at a funeral ?
  10. First you ARE a celeb on Bellazon and second you don't like the pope and as a catholique pratiquante I can not admit it Kardashian family :x
  11. Still gorgeous anyway
  12. Thank you Elin for telling me about this competition Good lord I missed Kim's vote Juli 4 Kelly 7 Apollonia 3
  13. Garrett Hedlund (American Actor) : Both his parents, Kristi and John Hedlund, are of Swedish ancestry
  14. Jenna Kuokkanen (model) : Finnish scans by Emilia
  15. 66Lucy

    THIS or THAT

    Circumcised Black or Asian Guy ?
  16. Bloody hell, I'm totally antimonarchical What if Michael Jackson came back to life :x
  17. Not guilty Get out of the toilet without washing your hands ?
  18. Nobody knows I'm gothic Nobody knows I am bisexual :brows: I love sex In real life I look quite plain and everybody thinks I'm a wise person who lives a quiet life
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