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  1. She's gorgeous Thanks for the pics
  2. keep that positivity thing up, its working really well for you <_< responses like that are quite 'ugly' shes making loads of money, youre a 'normal' person puttering around on a fashion/modelling forum wonder whos winning there? lololololl So apparently people aren't allowed to have an opinion anymore? Way to be mature.
  3. she looks like a pornstar im not impressed
  4. she has got to be one of the ugliest models ive ever seen.. i dont even think shed be pretty for a 'normal' person. shes just fug.
  5. if you dont like ronaldo, why take the time out of your day to post in here, something so ridiculous? who cares who he dates. hes an amazing player. great pics.
  6. 1 - heidi? 7 - ana 8 - adriana 12 - alessandra the rest arent very memorable apparently
  7. i like ana & adriana's noses the most!
  8. their features dont look alike at all. but their 'overall look' i guess is somewhat similar...
  9. Gorgeous, gorgeous woman. I've been told I look like her, I take it as the highest possible compliment. Btw - I don't think her boobs are fake. I think they just grew over time.. it happens to a lot of people. Her boobs definitely don't look fake.
  10. the gold outfit that she wore was also HOT!! dayumm, if she could only have her body back i like her body better now thanks for the pics
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