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  1. Please allow me add you as friend, u sweet!for all of ur great posts, esp. Gen^

  2. Zdenek Zaboj

  3. hey, sweetie!

    how ar u been?

    Not see u for a while, miss ya!

  4. thx for addin' me as friend^

    btw, im 21.

  5. faget

    happy birth~

  6. Just be patient,honey!

    sometimes imageshack will hide ur pic for a while, but for sure ur avi will be back^

    Or u could save it after it appeaes again and post it to another site which ar safer.

  7. Hey, just stop by, and say HEOLLO to ya^

    Um...Happy Children's DAY!


  8. So sorry, sweetie, replay so late.( i just notice it now, busy on other stuff...)

    How ar you now?

  9. Just send ya a messge, GO for a check^

    and allow me add you as friend, you ar so lovely!!! *HUG*

  10. Hey, there!

    Hope you don't mind i add you as friend^

    Thank you so much for all of ya awesome pics!

  11. Good evenin' amie!!!

    Just a tiny question, do you hav runway list of-- Domenique, Patrick, Ilvie.

    Any of 'em will be okay! I just wanna help with your hearties, for your lovely help with


  12. im so proud of im your first friend^

    btw, you got any other pics or info about Gerhard?! He is such a cutie and i can't get more enough of him...

  13. Hey, sweetie!

    PLzzz allow me add you as a friend^



  14. send a message to ya, go for a check^

  15. Hey,sweetie!

    havn't seen u for a longgg time, still?



  16. fine.

    thx for add me as friend^

  17. hey ,there!

    PLZ allow me add you as friend^

    You ar such a great guy to keep BZ alive, thankyou so much for all of ya lovely pics!

    Have a BIG Day!



  18. faget

    Wowww, your avi...*droolin'*

    which movie it comes from?

    my heart___

  19. Haha,that's much more better^

    Happy Day!

  20. im in home, and you know there's one thing called graduate thesis?! yeah, it nearly drives me crazy!

    I just take a release here, everythin' fine's here.

    Ah, wish you a happy new year!

  21. hi sweetie,

    long time no see, still?

    I misssss ya soooo much!!!


  22. Wawww, your Personal Photo , b-e-a-u-tiful!

    I miss you guys, so just write sth. on my sig^

    ~im always with you~

    a little stupid, right? Hahaa, whatever.

    Look at your photo, i could feel your happiness inside, so sweet~

  23. oh god!

    I missed so many wonderful things about you ?!!!

    Your birthday and wedddddddding???

    So sorry...

    I don't wanna be so off, but now school stuff iz first (ths year iz very important for me)

    I know it's sooo late, um, still wish you a happy, happy b-day & weddin'^

  24. Haven't been here for a while, school's stuff nearly drive me crazyT_T

    and just wanna say 'Hello' to you!

    Be good & nice, my friend!^

  25. Thanks for adding me as friend^



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