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  1. Thanks!!!

    And Thanks for the message, I will watch that video soon! :)

  2. hey hey francesca!!! how are you??

    I love your new isabeli set!!!

  3. ;)

    Have a great week!

  4. thanks;) Hope, francy you are enjoing your weekend!

  5. I had many homeworks..:(

    Wow, new set with Chiara!! Gorgeous! btw Where Chiara lives?? In Milano?? Paris?? or NY??

  6. Hi! How are you??

    I love your avy:))

  7. Hey darling, Im sorry for late reply!

    Well..Im great! And you???

  8. ja se mam taky fajn;) akorat ted musim do skoly..:(( ja jsem z prahy, o odkud ty???

    hehe ja ti zatim rozumim;) doufam, ze ty me taky! zatim

  9. ok, she is isa:)but young isa! hehe.

    wow, francesca, I like this name, my mum wanted to call me francecsa!!

  10. I mean that your "long time" avatar. model with dark brown and white shirt. I think she wasnt isabeli. BTW, what is your name??? and how are you??? kiss:))

  11. ahoj! promin ze odpovidam az ted, ale vubec jsem si nevsimla tveho commentu. no, mam se dobre, diky. A ty??

  12. hot avy!! Who was that model in your previous avy????

  13. Thanks :)) but...why do you think Im sweet?? hehe

  14. I love your avatar! :)

  15. thank you for the request!! ;) I wanted to post you friend request too! heh

  16. Gorgeous signature!!! Love it!!

  17. wow, Irina Lyshova in your topic looks great!!

  18. Hello:) I just wanted to say I love your signature!

  19. :)Im glad, ire, I can tell you info about Petra. That's pleasure for me;)

  20. Thank you!

    wish you happy new year too!!

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