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  1. :clap: :laugh: thats cool! you stayed so close to me! lol world is so small!!

    can you tell me the name of hotel you were???

  2. enca enca!! LOL! I had funny dream last night! and you were in it! :laugh: we were in the mountains :rofl: you wore a big coat, I didnt see you but I know it were you! I called u enca :laugh: :laugh:

  3. sicily, it sounds great!!!

    But ints not so bad here. I have tons of frineds here and when Im not trying to start internet Im with them :laugh:

  4. lol Brno..firstime when i saw your nickname I had in my head this city :rofl:

    wow! I live in Vysocany - its really close to Prosek!! its few bus stops! lol Did you drive around town in a bus?? If yes, im sure you were really really close to my home. or if you traveled by tube I bet you were in Vysocanska!?

  5. :clap: thanks! :)

  6. well..its horrible. Im just on the family cottage...here is very very bad connection to internet - thats why I wasnt long time on BZ. But now I have (thanks to God) better signal and I can go to BZ :clap: and maybe...I will go to the promised air trip to the Greece :ddr:

    how abt you?

  7. yay! Im really glad you like my country :clap:

    I guess you were in Prague, right?? and some another places??

    I cant wait to visit Ireland! but its question of years.. :(

    Have a great weekend! :kiss:

  8. HI! :laugh:

    were you in prague already? - you wrote me you will come there...


  9. hey hey I have holidays!!! for two months!!! yaaay!!! :clap:

    Im feeling great!!

    and you? have you holidays?? anything new?


  10. I wanted to say final exams for this school year, I will study high school 2 years yet.. :/

    How are you? I have holidays for two months, yay! hehe

  11. thanks for the friend request! :)))

  12. youre welcome :) Im glad you like it :kiss:

  13. where did you see it??

  14. lol you know my hair?? heh

  15. Im ok great, thanks! I had a free day..I was all day at home...I slept and slept..hehe

  16. my b-day was like others days...I was in school (I had just finals at school :/ ) but I got some gifts..it was good ;) Ohh, and I had perfect b-day cake! it was full of strawberries..hmm

  17. Im just scanning! But I need to find some quick uploader...

  18. Thank you :))

    Honestly, I was sad you didnt write me...but now its OK! ;)

  19. ehm...my air trip...my mom told me this because my dad told her it (lol) but he said he'll buy me a air trip later :( I dont knw why.

    Hmmm and my b-day cake? yay! it tastes so great! its full of strawberries and double cream! Uhmm I wanna give you a bit :)

  20. Thank you <3

    I had good guestion in my head today but I cant recollect it :( lol

  21. thanks for the friend request honey! I added you with happy heart :) and thank for the sweet wish in "happy birthday" thread. I think I love you hehe

  22. thank you bella!

    Ok..I will believe you, I will grow up slowly :) Im sure you are still youngie and not an old lady! you are just 4 years older than me, you are young like me! :)

  23. thank you honey! thank you :)

  24. thank you ape!

    how goes life??? :)

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