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  1. vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok!!!!!

  2. how are you? :)

  3. bonjour!!!

    happy holidays, lisa!!!!

  4. happy holidays!!!

    and thank you for everything you made me. thanks :kiss:

  5. thank you for the request!! ;) I wanted to post you friend request too! heh

  6. hehe..hockey girl :) thats cool :p

  7. happy holidays!!!

  8. Im great, thanks! Im looking forward to summer holidays....I cant wait...lol

  9. happy holidays, ape!!!!!

  10. happy holidays!!! :)

  11. As you played volleyball I played badminton for 9 years! but I injured my leg because of thorough trainink and I had to stop :(

  12. happy holidays!!!!! :)

  13. heey! I miss you! how have you been??

  14. Hello! I noticed you are from Ireland! my God! I love Ireland! I wanna live there. I love Irish nature, architecture, music..and, of course..Irish whiskey :) Can you tell me something about Ireland? I have no question now, just tell me something...You'll make me happy :)

  15. yes, Giants Causeway!!thanks lol

    I wanted to know what irish ppl thinks abt czech because I heard they dont like us - czechs.

    wow,really? you will in Prague??? Hope you will like this city, is beautiful, especially Prague centre. If you want to know something abt prague I can help you :))

    I want to visit Dublin and many and many Irish castles.Can you tell me names of "th

  16. hello guy:)

    how are you?


  17. happy holidays!!

    thank you for everything..you know... thanks :kiss:

    (who is that model in you avatar??)

  18. ..of "the best" castles?I'll find them on the net.

  19. happy holidays!!!!

  20. thanks for the types :) I'll find them.

    I want ask you something abt Ireland but I havent guestions now :(

    hmmm how often is rainy there? lol stupid qustion :D

  21. PS: I love your set!!!!! <3 <3

  22. Nooooo :hehe: Im good girl :)

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