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  1. ^thnx for the repost she is a true beauty^^ she seriously needs sub-forum
  2. tokio- tokyo, japan? congrtssssss 4000 :hell yea!:
  3. doutzen and every other model too ...but doutzen makes a lot of people ugly just by standing next to her! hahahahahahahahah! ^tHAT'S just straight up! i've seen couple of pics frm runway shows w/her lips chapped maybe, she has biting habit..lol
  4. here is my ugly version of her fake Vogue cover..lol
  5. she looks so gorgeous in the L'oreal commercial. i'm hoping they'll air her commercials here in US soon^^
  6. can sumone please give me the link to her actual facebook? pleaseee^^
  7. can sumone translate what she is saying? no clue
  8. it's working perfectly fine on my pc
  9. http://www1.omropfryslan.nl/Mear_Nijs_44082.aspx It's an article about the laugnewitch people in Fryslan talk.. She will show up in a campaign called: 'Praat maar Frysk', which means something like: Just talk Frisian. AUDIO: http://www1.omropfryslan.nl/Player.a...n=320ba578.WMA VIDEO: http://www1.omropfryslan.nl/Player.a...n=HJ21KG02.wmv Omropfryslan.nl thnx dadum @TFS
  10. i like the ed. she's beautiful as always! i'm not diggin' the hair thnx~
  11. hey guys! new here^^ i :wub2: doutzen! omg_its_cypress: wherever you are?!? LOL i want an avi. of doutzen..ur work is amazing
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