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  1. great! ur moving out of parents house aye? =P

    everything is good here. the weather is getting Hotter and hotter each day and i cannot bare it any longer..there are no beaches around..aghh!! the weather is drving me nutss!! i hate summer!!! LOL! i havent heard much on Ms. doutzen since CANNES..haha! i'm just dying and waiting who the angel would be?

  2. thanks, i wish they have a website available since i'm nowhere near LA!!

  3. 10 bucks is a great deal! do they have a website? hahaha..it's hard to find vintage stuff here in my area coz everything here is freaking expensive!

  4. didnt expect that! awesome to see her rank in the top 5!! so does that mean she has another big contract coming?

  5. nyeah, it looks awesome!

  6. i love ur avatar? who's the designer for that show?

  7. i know the one they have there in NYC..how yeah been?

  8. OMG! doutzen will have her own wax statue!! ehhhhhhh!!!

  9. she is still around..can't wait for her seven ads. hehe!! i hope she will do some high fashion stuff soon!!

  10. i dont know about congo or rwanda...hahaha!!!

  11. i'm all good! been busy with nursing school..aghh!! hows school?

  12. irene, did u get my msg? do you like the pix that i sent you? let me know..gshh, great team captain!! update me girl =/

  13. that's good to hear =) just try to understand your friend, it must be difficult for both of them coz they are going to be apart for awhile..wish them both the best and send them my blessings =)

  14. i'm still alive ..hahah!! been busy with school..urself?

  15. hey love! hope all is well =)

  16. men are from jupiter, women are from venus..hahah!!

    busy with school and all..how about u? how's aussie? is it still hot down under?

    take care ^.-

  17. it's about 3 1/2 hours but it's worth it esp. if u live in such busy city. you go there it's so peaceful and the smell of fresh air..

  18. oh caroline! she better come back for this yrs VSFS^.^ miss here last year!

  19. it was awesome love! snowboarding was painful though..got sick a lil afterwards but it was awesome! i'm going back there in the summer coz it's unbearable hot here in the bay city esp. w/ the tourist..ekk!!

  20. really..snowboarding is much easier that skiing..it's just hard to balance at times but i love it..hehe! do u live near the lake? coz my relatives lives near there to(walking distance) we go there during the summer coz it's scorching hot here in the bay..i cant stand not being near the water..arghhh!

  21. hey! thnx for dropping by my page =)

    it was hot in the mountain..eckk! my trip went well even though their were few ice left. snowboarding was fun fun.. until, my ass started to hurt..lol! few bumps here and there..

  22. that's sweet! have wonderful spring break! i'm going to lake tahoe..yeahayy!!

  23. i think her nose is fake. she looked like tyra before the plastic surgery. isn't she half black..i thought she was full asian..haha

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