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  1. azure

    Hi - i see you added me, i added you too :)

  2. azure

    heh..this time i know that's Matt ;)

    Have a nice day <3

  3. LOL your avi is fabulous! xD

  4. azure

    is that matt in your siggy? BEAUTIFUL :)

  5. ugh how amazing is she!?

    added btw ^_^

  6. Ahh i love the new avatar alluska ^_^

  7. Hey thanks for posting Gisele on my thread! :D

  8. was my pleasure ^_^

  9. oh thank you so much ^_^

    love yours and the Anna set <3

  10. azure

    Hey M!! im good how are you? the girl is one of my fav models her name is Du Juan ^_^ im glad you like her too

    suprisingly its not very hot here at all...its nice! and yes i have seen aussie make me a supermodel!! I actually made a few posts here on BZ on Shanina Shaik who was my fav to win and Tom but the winner turned out to be my least favourite...

  11. azure

    you too!! muah!

  12. Hola, i go on your blog all the time its fabulous! keep up the great work!!

  13. thank you for the compliment ^_^ & sorry it took so long for me to respond i barely check my comments age thing xD

  14. azure


  15. hey i was wondering what is that thing andrew is stretching in your avvie? O_o;

  16. azure

    i love your taste.. harju is and matt loewen are soo fine :D

  17. azure

    hehe i like german short-films lmao - on the channel i watch them on provides subs :D oh i watched sommer sturm the other day - quite enjoyable :P

  18. azure

    oh so germany dosnt have capital punishment? meh i love german films lol

  19. azure

    so you live near germany.. i heard about that lunatic who locked his daughter up and had 7 children with her! whats going to happen to him??

  20. azure

    yeah shes literally stunning with the O_O eyes rofl - im 16, australia is nothing like what people think..in melbourne where i live its freezing cold now and its not uncommon to get all seasons in a day :P

  21. azure

    Hello! im good thanks, you? The person in my photograph is Sharbat Gula; shes not a celebrity or model. Her face is famous for being on the cover of the National Geographic like 20 years ago and is the magazines most recognised image. When the photo was taken she was only 13 years old and they did not know her name; they just took her pic because people rarely get to photograph afghani women c

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