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  1. Ahh i love the new avatar alluska ^_^

  2. Hey how are you? Just wondering who is the fabulous redhead in your avatar!

  3. She is tall and leggy so i wish her every success!

    Love the profile btw- Carmen is amazing O__O

    and the avatar- LMAO

  4. Hey! Great to see another Du Juan lover, too bad she isnt going to win this :(

  5. thank you so much darling Reeyo <3

  6. That is too sweet- thank you for saying that, i think you are a great person too :)

    and i agree..life is too short, especially if you hold back your feelings

  7. You're very welcome, it's fun!

  8. azure

    hehe i like german short-films lmao - on the channel i watch them on provides subs :D oh i watched sommer sturm the other day - quite enjoyable :P

  9. azure

    yeah shes literally stunning with the O_O eyes rofl - im 16, australia is nothing like what people think..in melbourne where i live its freezing cold now and its not uncommon to get all seasons in a day :P

  10. azure

    so you live near germany.. i heard about that lunatic who locked his daughter up and had 7 children with her! whats going to happen to him??

  11. it's so vulgar xD i love vulgar

  12. Hey LMS! May i get your permission to use a GIF of Du Juan you made as my siggy? ^_~

  13. Daria Morgenbowy!!

  14. Hey nice to meet you! :)

  15. azure

    Thanks so much, you too!

    Btw your zodiac sign is of the sheep?? im a monkey ahaha

  16. oh she is stunning <3 and so are you! get well soon :D

  17. LOL your avi is fabulous! xD

  18. ok i'l get on in it soon :P

  19. azure

    life is so fragile :(

  20. lol you DO look a little like RyTay! haha have a nice day :)

  21. thank you!! <3

    it was yesterday though,, cos the time difference of Australia and US it says today :]

  22. Lol i love your "Interests"

  23. you're welcome <3

  24. azure

    i love your taste.. harju is and matt loewen are soo fine :D

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