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  1. Happy Birthday ;)

  2. woot, finally you have the perfect 5 stars now :D

    Happy Birthday ^_^

  3. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endID=188782088 http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...endID=431014247 http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=146...amp;ref=profile all three of those profiles are from the same person, there all linked to eachother, those are the profiles that the screen captures were taken from, the "deleted" profile has the links up to her facebook and new myspace page.
  4. ihihihihihihi I think this is getting out of control people!! this is so sad and so funny!! haha! hey gui, if you really are her sister, can you at least show us all speaking some portuguese? so we can trust you? onde tu mora? eu tb sou brasileira, sou do RS e tu? como descobriu este site? a Anne sabe sobre ele? beijos beijos! btw people, this is Michella Cruz, Anne's friend, I think she kinda looks like Angelina Jolie, at least this is what they say in Brasil!! here's her personal fotolog http://www.fotolog.com/miss_cruz/34917786 hahaha.... Sou de Floripa .... Ela me ligou perguntando se eu ja leu todos os rumores ... Encontrei este site quando eu estava no Google, procurando sites com boatos sobre a minha irma, tentando esclarecer lhes.....Anne e Rob sao amigos por um TEMPOO, isso e tudo o que vou dizer.....ai .....vc feliz agora?? Bjossssss nossa, teu portugues e muito ruim hein...sabe, eu nao to nem ai se eles estao namorando ou nao, mas eu to me divertindo de montao com essas gurias deste site, eu acho a Anne lindissima e espero que ela e o Rob sejam muito felizes, eu nao sou fa do Rob, e nao estou com inveja nenhuma, pois nem acho ele bonito, mas tua irma sim... "vc feliz agora"...tu nao conjuga os verbos muito bem hein guri, ta precisando de algumas aulas de portugues, a nao ser que tu nao e brasileiro...passar bem! and now in english lol if you're her sister that I must say she's really cute from what I saw from some of her myspace photos posted here...especially the one with the big sunglasses and since I didn't understand anything you guys said even if they're dating they make a cute couple i know! does someone mind translating that into english? all right...I asked him if he really is her brother and where he lives and if Anne knows about this site... he replied that he lives in Floripa, and that Anne called him asking him if he already read all the rumors...he said that he found out about this site when he was searching on google about his sister and Rob rumors and he's trying to clarify them and that Anne and Rob are just friends that have known each other for a very long time and he asked me if I'm happy now with his answer... I told him that his portuguese is awful!! he really doesn't sound like a brazilian!!! I have my doubts that this person speaks portuguese... and that's all for now ladies I think this "guischoen" is also "guiberger", the guy claiming to be Anne's brother on Fashion Spot. Like I said before, he always posts modeling pictures of Anne and they way he talks about her is a bit odd. To me, he just sounds like a weird obsessed fan. He wrote on Fashion Spot that Anne doesnt have good English when I dont see how thats possible when she had lived in NYC for a year when she was with IMG and she lived in London for 8 months when she was with premier, so im sure her english is decent. I doubt Anne's REAL brother would actually be commenting on these sites, i've seen atleast 6 supposed "guis" floating around the net.
  5. It's super cute. There was one like that at Urban Outfitters but I think that was a while ago. At Urban??? aww man, I have been looking for a scarf in that exact color/pattern everywhere!!! Everything is PLAID now, ALL the scarfs LOL
  6. haha! awwww, look, he was so cute and young back then....look at those rosy cheeks! He sure has grown up!
  7. Myspace Screencap from today and all to say is, her scarf I WANT it! SO bad. Im almost tempted to message her asking where she got it....but that would be weird, so im not going to LOL.
  8. I have been convinced for a very long time that "A" profile is/was real, she'd had it for over two years, she used to be on the friends list of one of my friends, a club promoter, anyways, so I of course didnt pay any mind to her back then, but she was on his top friends....so....i dont know.... In those screen caps, the links that "Michella" posted, I went to them, and they are both completley different profiles, like fakes made by someone who wasnt even trying to convince anyone...two profiles i've never seen before...non-related to any of this......Its good she deleted that profile though, because not only has it been posted on various forums, like this one, but mainstream gossip sites as well, there was NO hope for any privacy after that...and im sure hundreds of messages from fangirls can get quite annoying after some time, lol...i would have to just cuss them all out lol. I think this is the new profile: myspace.com/anne_schoenberger maybe??? It looks very generic, like, no status or mood....seems she is trying to be a lot more private....and not many people know about that profile yet, I havent read about it anywhere....
  9. OR.............maybe Michella is the "friend" that is leaking all this stuff???? Behind Anne's back....thats what I think, it has to be SOMEONE that Anne trusts....maybe Michella is jealous of Anne or enjoys all the chaos and frenzy surrounding this topic???? Because that there is proof that someone was indeed leaking this info, someone that Anne thought was a "friend" I hope someone messages her and tells her to watch out for this girl! <_<
  10. This video is sooooooooooooo funny. A must watch!
  11. "A" left a comment on this guys page, saying she is deleting her profile and that she made a new one. I am very curious whether this is a joke....because she could easily be trying to get back in some way at all the girls that have been bashing and harassing her since Oct....OR its true...if its a joke, I think its very funny of her, and her comments to her friends are probaly sarcastic. Oh, and, just because I wanted to find out for myself, I look through her fotolog, and alll the pics on there are old, she hasnt logged on in a really long time, and none of the pictures that she has put has her main photo or that pictures that were on that screen captures are on the fotolog either. They all look like her personal, private photos and all recent....thats just my observation though.
  12. I havent scene this myspace anywhere, and it hasnt been scene anywhere or linked on any of those weird gossip/rumor sites...
  13. ummm. my friend just emailed me saying this: myspace.com/anne_schoenberger maybe anne got smart and made a new, private profile?? I have never scene this profile anywhere before, or linked on any sites....so maybe it is???
  14. um, it shows the last log in date from that fotolog LONG time ago, all the picture on those screen cap and her profile picture are not found on there. People, just leave it alone and stop assuming things unless you know for sure. Someone posted those screen caps on myspace at the official twilight site, in a forum, or atleast that how I found them. Im sure she will make a new myspace, all private, or maybe she already has private one, I know if I was her I would by now.
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