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  1. hiya it's me lexee!!!!

  2. hey ms d! how's trix? long time no c!

  3. hi korri! how's it going!!!! :-))))

  4. hey a. thank you so much for all your wonderful posts!!! sorry I lost touch with you lately. hope you have a great stat to 2010 take care love + hugs a.

  5. thank you for all your insightful IDs!!!

  6. that's Melange btw!!!! *lol*

  7. thank you for all your scans and posts - I love them! :-)

  8. thanks again Great Emporer for all your posts and scans and everything!!!

  9. Hi hun, yeah I dunno both their names, but one of them is Lara Stone taken from the BEBE S/S 2007 capaign (ph. Terry Richardson) I think? *lol* :-b

  10. hey Lisa, I love ur TOO Funky clip! Wow that just takes me right back!!! Thx sweetie

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