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  1. thank you very much and my pleasure to help..

  2. thanks for Isabeli pics :)


  4. you're welcome adorable friend!! kiss kiss francy

  5. ciao dear!!!! i've just read your comment on my page :D... now i am back in como, but i was about 1 month and 15 days on vacation.. did you spend a nice summer? a big kiss from me, george clooney and his stupid italian girlfriend ahah

  6. great page! i'm happy you like isabeli!

  7. you are SO welcome for isabeli's pics!!

  8. thanks lovely <3

  9. we don't celebrate it.. so happy thanksgiving to you!

  10. ciao ciao friend :D

  11. yes it was sooo sad to know :( i felt the same for ruslana but maybe with daul is worse because i met her. sure she was not friendly, maybe she was not confident with her statut and wanted a different life :(

  12. isabeli is such a perfect woman in white! such a stunning bride!!

  13. thanks for the comment, you are welcome for her pics

  14. happy birthday!!!!!!

  15. it's so nice your signature still has my name in it!!

  16. ciaooooo adorable!!

  17. oh ireeeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

  18. ciao jorgeeeeeee tomorrow i reply to your pm :)

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