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  1. I love you, dearest darling <3

  2. Untrue! I love you much more!

  3. :) I just noticed your comment wishing me a happy birthday - thanks! Happy New Year!

  4. Mona, darling, I love you!

  5. Buwahaha. I found your page.

  6. =D I just noticed your comment. Thank you!

  7. Oh dear. A half-naked asian is staring at me, from her creepy ad thingy.

    Anywho. Nope. That's the first time.

  8. Have I recently mentioned that you are insane? Because you are. Mhmm.

  9. I feel like such a dork, but where is the request thread? O_O

  10. I heart you! =D

    I'll put up a Ophelia picture until I get the chance to request one! Thank you <3

  11. I think I might just do that!

    Really? Thank you, I'll check out the set soon!

  12. My darling, Mona, thank you for the welcome! I'm so excited to be on here! =]

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