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  1. She's very pretty=]

  2. love your avatar!

  3. Happy B-Day honey!!

  4. love ur personal pic u look great!!

  5. love ur sig!!

  6. thank you honey!!!

    kisses <333

  7. just wanted to view ur profile ;)

  8. Happy B-Day oney!!!

  9. why did they banned u?

  10. love u honey :kiss:



  11. hi honey i'm fine what about u?

    Oh and btw sorry that i didn't answered before i hadn't seen ur comment :))


  12. u remind me of Kid Rock :DDD

  13. i have made a topic with Ayame Misaki if u want u can post some pics there :))

  14. i'm seriously in love with ur set its stunning!!

  15. @lice

    Happy B-Day cutie!!!

    wish u all the best :)

  16. ur avy is stunning=]

  17. oh thnx so much :DD

  18. wow what a cute bunny

  19. Paminal svoi nickname??klac!!

  20. hey it's going quite good :D

    Thnx :DD

    what about you lord apeman?

  21. @lice


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