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  1. wth?why are u making so many casino topics

  2. hey :)

    i'm fine thnx & u?

  3. @lice


    gorgeous avatar i love LC

  4. Norway WOW great btw i love this years Romanias song it was awesome!!!

  5. yes he does really seems like a nice person!!!

    I'm from Greece and u?

  6. Hey hun :kiss:

    How are you?

    I love him <3

    :) :) :)

  7. piston m agglika dn phges?

  8. piston m ti knc?

    p xa8hkes?

    eisai 8umwmenh mazi m mhpws?:(

  9. :o thnx :)))

  10. hey just wanna say that i love your set!!

    Chace is gorgeous!!

  11. :))

    nice pic btw

  12. love your avy hun ;)

  13. hey i don't even know who is she but i liked her so i put her as my avatar xD sorry!!

  14. @lice

    ty so much!!


  15. Her name is Nataniele Ribeiro she has a topic here :)

  16. Welcome back hun :))

  17. hi lord ape

    xixi i am doing well what about you?!?

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