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  1. hiiiiiiiiii girl :) sorry to bother you but do you mind telling me who's the girl in your avatar?

  2. thank you so much!!!I know i'm late but Merry Christmas and have a great year :-)

  3. @lice

    thank you <333

  4. thanks honey :*

  5. oh why :]]]] thanks :D

  6. such a good idea ;]

  7. hey :]

    I don't know i found her photo in a fashion blog :]

    I don't think she is famous she is just a random beautiful girl i guess!

  8. hey honey :]

    it's just some random girl i found in a fashion blog i'm sure it's not Bar even though she does look a lot like her :]

  9. hey there :]

    i have no idea she is just some random girl i found in a fashion blog :]

  10. i love love love your signature :] Barca para siempre :]

  11. boo you back :p

  12. Anna Christine Speckhart :)

  13. i love your Rosie gifs she is so gorgeous

  14. hey thank you hun i love your avatar Kaka is a God <3

  15. thx :) yes tell me about it she is so fresh & gorgeous

  16. @lice

    thx wish you a happy new year too

  17. i must say that i'm in love with your avatar...lol

    David Beckham is the hottest guy EVER!!!!

  18. wth?why are u making so many casino topics