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  1. I think so! I saw on her twitter that she was working for La Redoute. Thank you!
  2. I don't think that's her, but thanks for trying! A bit more info on that model... I believe she posed for La Redoute's Spring/Summer 2014 (?) campaign... I've found her when googling "A Mademoiselle R model" and a few different pictures came up, presumably from La Redoute. But I still can't seem to find a name. If anyone knows, that'd be a great help
  3. I feel like I've seen him before, but can't figure out his name. Thanks!
  4. Ahhh nevermind. Sorry to have posted this. Figured out it was Carola Remer
  5. So I was looking through threads and saw someone had a set featuring the girl below. But the member was banned, so I couldn't message them & ask. Does anyone know who this is? Please & thanks!
  6. No idea who this one is. This one looks familiar but I can't place her. The following pics are all of the same model. Just wondering who she is? If anyone can help, I'd be greatly appreciative.
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