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  1. It's not a new trend, really, but I've noticed that a lot of Hollywood moms are losing weight quickly after they give birth. Take Jaime Pressley for example. She already lost a lot of weight and she said in a recent interview that she started working out shortly after giving birth for two hours five days a week with a personal trainer. She also went on the cabbage soup diet. I've given birth twice now and both times, it took a lot of discipline to lose the weight, but I still didn't lose it in a matter of weeks. What do you think of this trend? How will it affect us "normal" people who are trying to lose the baby weight?
  2. We've had royal blue, yellow, and now it's green? Do you think this is the new "it" color? As a side plug, come see my blog: moviestarfashion.blogspot.com.
  3. I know the show Heroes is successful and all, but when I look at Hayden Panettiere, all I can see is the annoying little girl in Remember the Titans. What do you all think? By the way, I love this dress. I just posted it on my blog - moviestarfashion.blogspot.com and Sophia Monk wore one in black in almost the same style. What do you all think? Love her?
  4. I know, I know. Do you think this is a recent picture of Janet Jackson? What do you think is the secret to celebrity diets that help them lose weight so fast? I started a new blog - moviestarfashion.blogspot.com (if you have already read about it, I'm sorry for repeating it) and I am now surveying celebrity diets and fashion. I still can't believe this is Janet Jackson.
  5. Since I started my new blog: moviestarfashion.blogspot.com, I have discovered that most of celebrities that are covered are mostly Caucasian with a few African Americans and Hispanics. But, there are hardly any news about Asian American actors (I'm not referring to overseas Asians like Gong Li and Zhang ZiYi). Do you know of any that is popular and does not always play the asexual male or the habitual prostitute? Come visit my blog!
  6. I have this friend that is totally obsessesd with Superman and he has all the movies with Christover Reeve in DVD and five full seasons of Smallville. I was never much of a fan, but I watched all the movies consecutively (the last three were a waste of my time) and started watching Smallville a month ago. I am now on Season 5. The question is: who's the hottest girl on Smallville? Chloe? Lana? Lois? or the orginal Lana Lang, Mrs. Kent? : ) I did a post on Kristin Kreuk (Lana) on my new blog recently (moviestarfashion.blogspot.com). Please come check it out!
  7. I noticed recently while I was in America (I live in Asia now) that wealthy people seem thinner to me and the poor people were mostly obese. It just seems ironic because it used to be that if you were wealthy you were eating well and your body showed it. This is part of the reason why I started my own blog: moviestarfashion.blogspot.com. Come check it!
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