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  1. fery

    Layla! :)

  2. Ohhh who's told you my real name? :shifty:

  3. Heyy!!! I haven't been on...my computer hasn't allowed me to open BZ. But it's running again for me. :) How are you?

  4. Love your posts! Five star rating for you! :Dinah:

  5. It looks quite exciting! I really love the themes! And EUGENIA! :woot: :woot: :heart:

  6. opppptzzzzzz I already started. :D

  7. Yes it was. :/ I've been fine. And you genta? How have you been my dear? :Flower:

  8. Well hello my fellow daria fan. :shifty: Of course. :p But of her in Vogue Paris smoling and looking oh so chic. :heart:

  9. Ahh yeah! :p I know...its GISELE-orgeous. ^_^. Its NYFW!! :woot: :woot: What's your favorite collections so far? :drool:

  10. Genta! :hug: Just saw your baby pictures! How cute! :wub: :)

  11. Oh I love KK and Isabeli! Not really fond of AleAmb..or Alima...but I think they are very pretty. :yes:

  12. who else are your favorites? :Flower:

  13. Congratz on 1000 posts! :Flower: :Fun: :woot:

  14. fery

    Ohhh....wow! :woot: That sounds like fun! Is it beautiful...humid? How is it there?

  15. Good also! Glad to see another die hard gisele fan...she's great! :wub:

  16. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I agree! This forum..has a bunch of retards. <_< :ninja:

  17. awesome freja wallies! :Flower:

  18. fery

    Yokies. :D I saw that you went backpacking...how was it? :Flower:

  19. I am fine. And yourself? :Flower:

  20. How are you? :Flower:

  21. "Sarcastic humour is usually lost on stupid people. I'm sorry if you can't catch up. " Love this saying, my fellow Gisele lover. :heart: :p

  22. Awesome Avatar. :D

  23. Ive been busy...:/ University started already and Im tired. Sorry thats why I havent been on..umm maybe this weekend? :Flower:

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