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  1. I agree Thanks for all the pics No problem.
  2. Waris Dirie From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Waris Dirie (born 1965 in Somalia) is a fashion model and a UN advocate for the abolition of female genital mutilation. Early life Dirie was born into a nomadic tribe in Somalia. Her home was a portable hut woven from grass. According to her autobiography, at age five, her mother held her down while a local woman cut away her genitals. Afterwards, she was stitched up tightly, leaving a hole the diameter of a matchstick and making it near impossible to walk. "I felt not complete with myself as a woman. Some days I felt so powerless," she said. "When I think back about that, it still disturbs me. But coming back over that is still the hardest thing for me because you have to learn about yourself, you have to feel comfortable with yourself." Although Dirie survived the procedure, her sister and two cousins did not. Modeling career Dirie fled Somalia at the age of thirteen because her father gave her in marriage to a 61-year-old man in exchange for five camels. She escaped the marriage by traveling to her uncle's home, and hid her passport when he was going to return her. She ended up staying in Britain illegally and surviving by scrubbing floors at McDonald's. By chance, she was discovered by photographer Terence Donovan, who put her face on the cover of the 1987 Pirelli calendar. From there, her career took off. When she arrived in New York, she was soon featured in multiple Revlon ads and in a commercial with Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. She has also modelled for Express Jeans. "It's very sad that I had to make the choice to leave my country and at the same time I did not want to leave," she said. "Africa is different. I was young. I had nothing to worry about. I had my family, I had my animals, I had my simple life. It was beautiful." Dirie now lives in Vienna, Austria but still feels the contrasts between the West and her war-torn home. "Here it seems like it is chaos forever and I'm trying to sit down for a moment and there's no time for that," she laughed. "In Somalia we don't have clocks so we don't care what time it is. But in the West, everything is money-money, power, sucking, sucking away. It is never enough." In 1987, Waris played a role in the Bond movie The Living Daylights. A decade later she quit modelling to focus on her work for the UN campaign against female genital mutilation. In 2005 she became an Austrian citizen. Waris is a cousin of fellow Somali supermodel Iman. Attack Waris Dirie was attacked in March 2004 at her home in Vienna. Then aged 40, she had moved from her flat in Cardiff to escape the persecution of a 26-year-old Portuguese stalker who had become convinced that she loved him. Paulo Augusto was in custody after apparently following her 1,000 miles across Europe and gaining access to her apartment by climbing through a neighbour's window. "She was so frightened and in shock that she let him in," a police spokesman, Harald Hofmayer, said. Waris Dirie suffered minor injuries when her assailant threw her to the floor, he added. The attacker left in a taxi, only to return later on foot and smash one of the building's ground-floor windows. He was arrested when neighbours called the police. The suspect had met Waris Dirie six months earlier when his brother was working at her previous residence in Wales, police said. He later broke into that home and stole items of her clothing. She has written four autobiographical novels: Desert Flower (nonfiction narrative written with Cathleen Miller) (1998) Desert Dawn (2002) Desert Children (2005) A Letter to my Mother (2007; English edition planned for autumn 2007) Pirelli Calendar 1987 NUDITY
  3. Carol Alt From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Carol Alt (born December 1, 1960) is an American supermodel and actress. Biography Early life Alt, the third of four children, was born in East Williston, Long Island, New York to Muriel, who had worked as a print and runway model before her marriage, and Anthony Alt, who was in the army reserves. She has two sisters, Christine and Karen, and a brother, Anthony, and was raised in College Point, New York and attended Hofstra University. Career Alt's first big break in modeling in 1980, when she was featured on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine, but she gained real fame in 1982 when she was featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She has also been a consultant with the "Le Mirador" skin-care line. Alt was one of the first models to parlay fame in that area into success in other areas, such as acting, launching product lines, and book writing, paving the way for the more recent models to do so, such as Kathy Ireland. Since 1986 she has been one of the leads in a variety of movies; mostly Italian, but one of her most recent starring roles was in the Canadian movie Snakehead Terror. She played "Karen Oldham" in the TV adaptation of Peter Benchley's Amazon(1999). Her TV guest roles include a voice role in the "Peggy's Pageant Fever" episode of King of the Hill, first broadcast November 10, 1998. Alt also has written a book, Eating In The Raw: A Beginner's Guide To Getting Slimmer, Feeling Healthier, And Looking Younger the Raw-food Way, promoting eating only raw foods. She placed #5 on askmen.com's list of "Top 10 Supermodels Of All Time", behind only Kathy Ireland, Christie Brinkley, Gisele Bundchen, and Cindy Crawford. Personal life In 1983, she married Ron Greschner, a professional ice hockey player with the New York Rangers. They divorced in 1996, and she is currently in a relationship with Russian ice hockey star Alexei Yashin, a player recently with the New York Islanders and a man thirteen years her junior. Contrary to popular belief, they are not married; in an interview with ESPN in 2006, Yashin denied that he is married to Alt and instead said they are in a committed relationship. Alt's supermodel status is questioned by Howard Stern Radio Show personality Fred Norris. Norris contends, quite vigorously, that Alt is not a supermodel. This has led to many humorous moments for the show, usually coinciding with Carol Alt's appearances. Alt was referred to as "The Face" by Life Magazine, a reference to her striking appearance. For more photos of Carol, visit: http://www.fashionmodeldirectory.com/model...rol_alt/photos/. Enjoy!
  4. Kelly Emberg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kelly Emberg (born 1959 in Texas), is a former model, best known for her relationship with rock star Rod Stewart. Emberg was at the top of her career when she began dating Stewart in 1983, a highly successful all-American blonde fashion model who appeared in hundreds of print layouts including the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions, Calvin Klein and Armani in the Eighties. Daughter Ruby was born in 1987, with Stewart ordering their Bel Air mansion filled with pink roses, the new mum's favourite blooms. By 1990, there were rumours the relationship was under strain due to Rod's hesitation over walking down the aisle. By summer of that year, the celebrity couple had split up. Stewart insisted it was Emberg's decision to break off the relationship: "She had another geezer". Emberg filled a $25-million palimony suit in early 1991, which was settled – for an undisclosed amount in 1993. Kelly is now an interior designer and owns a company called The Cotton Box, with a shop on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. Her biggest client is her ex-husband, where she designed the guest house on his Los Angeles estate in which his children by Alana Hamilton, Kimberly and Sean live along with Ruby. Emberg has a further two sons, Tyler, seven, and Cole, four by Gavin Brodin, who co-owns The Cotton Box.
  5. She was a great model. I can't believe she dated Rod Stewart!
  6. She was a beautiful person.
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