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  1. I made the mistake of setting the picture on the right as the wallpaper for my phone.

    Every time I unlocked my phone, my heart would skip a beat.

    This happened for two weeks. There is no way to prepare yourself for this kind of beauty. 


    Я ошибочно установить это, как мой фоне.

    Каждый раз я смотрю на моем телефоне, мое сердце замирает.

    Это продолжалось в течение двух недель. Вы никогда не можете быть скучно ей.




  2. Most of those were for a company called T-Skirt (http://www.tskirt.ru)

    Большинство из них были для дизайнера T-Skirt


    post-16106-0-81712000-1432494566.jpg post-16106-0-77985400-1432494572.jpg


    Here are some previews from their look book.

    Вот некоторые из их превью "look book".

    post-16106-0-70458000-1432494561_thumb.j post-16106-0-84610700-1432494559_thumb.j post-16106-0-38726600-1432494563_thumb.j post-16106-0-30140300-1432494565_thumb.j post-16106-0-81712000-1432494566_thumb.j post-16106-0-38706900-1432494568_thumb.j post-16106-0-07352500-1432494570_thumb.j post-16106-0-63600900-1432494571_thumb.j post-16106-0-77985400-1432494572_thumb.j post-16106-0-20919900-1432494574_thumb.j post-16106-0-41010200-1432494581_thumb.j post-16106-0-26419100-1432494583_thumb.j post-16106-0-26419100-1432494583_thumb.j post-16106-0-87663700-1432494584_thumb.j



    Here are some previews for older items.

    Вот некоторые другие превью.

    post-16106-0-27515800-1432494816_thumb.j post-16106-0-52183400-1432494821_thumb.j post-16106-0-45353400-1432494824_thumb.j post-16106-0-85706300-1432494827_thumb.j post-16106-0-48898900-1432494830_thumb.j post-16106-0-98487900-1432494833_thumb.j post-16106-0-36873500-1432494837_thumb.j post-16106-0-83168000-1432494840_thumb.j post-16106-0-17139100-1432494845_thumb.j post-16106-0-47069900-1432494853_thumb.j

  3. post-16106-0-80323700-1432490720.jpg

    Name: Elona Lebedeva
    Base: Moscow (Москва)
    Nationality: Russian (Русския)
    Born: June 7, 1991
    Eye Colour: Green (Зеленые)
    Height: 168cm (5'6")
    Measure: 81-58-88 (32-23-35)
    Shoe size: 37 EU (6.5 US)
    Dress Size: 40 (6 US)
    post-16106-0-89955600-1432490699_thumb.j post-16106-0-66373400-1432490702_thumb.j post-16106-0-26801000-1432490704_thumb.j post-16106-0-05998700-1432490706_thumb.j post-16106-0-92040800-1432490706_thumb.j post-16106-0-74761400-1432490707_thumb.j post-16106-0-39299600-1432490717_thumb.j post-16106-0-94251500-1432490718_thumb.j


  4. Haven't posted one of these in years...

    1. IU (K-Pop Singer)

    2. Enji Knight (Cosplayer)

    3. Summer Glau (Actress, Fox - Firefly; Fox - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

    4. Mi Hee Hwang (Korean Sports Model)

    5. Petra Nemcova (Czech Fashion Model)

    6. Amanda Tam (Facebook Girl)

    7. Heart Evangelista (Actress, GMA - Legacy)

    8. Kelsey Chow (Actress, Disney - Pair of Kings)

    9. Daiana Menezes (Brazilian Model/Actress)

    10. Susan Coffey (American Fashion Model)

    Honorable Mention:

    - Cobie Smulders (Actress, CBS - How I Met Your Mother)

    - Maja Salvador (Actress, ABS-CBN)

    - Mini Anden (Sweedish Fashion Model)

    - Sophie Turner (Australian Glamour Model)

    - Kato (Designer, Steampunk Couture)

  5. I see her every week as the daughter for "How I Met Your Mother" and thought to myself... "cute girl"

    ... but anybody see Kick-Ass?

    It wasn't a serious role but heck. She was still awesome in that movie... and her curves. Wow.

    I think I found a new obsession. She or someone incredibly similar to her, will have the majority of my children one day.

    <3 <3 <3 <3


  6. Okay, so I'm not vegetarian anymore. I broke halfway through June last year.

    The plan was never to go full out though, just consume much less meat in general.

    Anyway, I've been doing good lately with half my roommates being vegetarian. I also find myself intentionally leaving meat out of certain things I cook in case one of the vegetarians in particular was hungry and I could share what I made with her. :D

    So today I made a cool little thing. Excellent in theory but somewhat lacked in execution.

    In a casarole dish, lay down a layer of very thinly sliced potato. Then put down a layer of creamy gralic sauce. On top of that a layer of sweet potato. Another layer of garlic sauce and repeat as desired. Then on goes a layer of thinly sliced eggplant, sauce, zuccini, sauce, red pepper, sauce, carrot, sauce, eggplant. It was good except I guess the sweet potato didn't cook all the way through and it was crunchy instead of soft.

    Could have cooked the potato more thoroughly before putting it in.

  7. Hopefully the death of beach blondes with fake boobies.

    i like


    when hef dies, nothing will change. playboy generates nearly $350 per anum. his daughter christie is a very capable and intelligent woman. i believe she is also the current ceo. ironically she is the exact opposite of everything the magazine stands for. sadly however, there will be no shortage of women willing to sell a little bit of their dignity in exchange for a chance to be popular.

    edit: christie stepped down as ceo a year ago with obama's election as president. she was inspired to do more charitable work like gates has gone into.

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