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  1. woah. you still post here?

  2. not really. really busy. just checking up. :/

  3. actually... i think you posted it somewhere on here and i was in my half asleep not remembering anything but still too curious for my own good mode

  4. yes, yes i do. i stand by that

  5. yes. i'm pretty creepy that way

  6. yes. it's my fault. sorry... what did i do?

  7. I've not been here in a while. School. Glad to see you're still around :)

  8. I love how you're into the nerdiest things.

    Mass Effect 2 FTW

  9. I have been tending to my education. It has required a lot of attention lately.

  10. ok... i must have clicked block on accident. the block thing is right beside people's names! it said you were blocked but i never blocked anyone. sorry!

  11. does it? :/

    i'ma check it out.

  12. Ma'am, I must compliment you on the single greatest avatar ever to be seen on this website.

  13. Your avatar is pure win buddy. How do I see more?

  14. I swear, the other day this lady came to my work and she had two really good looking daughters. They all looked like you! :O

  15. That's good. Being smushed together and hungry isn't very fun. I bet you guys still had to fight over the bathroom though! lol.

  16. Okay, bad on the last one but I'm curious as to how your parents feed all 13 of you! That's crazy!

  17. Ha! Jessica is my token blonde!

    Seriously though, I didn't even notice it. I try not to discriminate but I do believe I have developed a type! :O

    OMG! You're a lean figured brunette with pretty eyes too! :O :O :O

  18. Baby, I've been lost without you.


    I dunno. I'm doing fine. School is still kicking my ass and all that good stuff.

  19. They're not MY parents :P

  20. Yes. It blows my mind. Your mom must be a total babe because it seems your dad can't keep his hands off her.

  21. Watching chicks fight is awesome.

  22. you're alive?

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