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  1. im sorry about ur lost. my dog died in sept.08 he was with me since i was 6 years old. i know how you feel. keep the memories :)

  2. i dont like Edita, but she looks so cute at the backstage pics in ur set :hehe:

  3. you did a helix piercing? awesome ! its so cute but i dont have one .. just a nose ring and in a few months i'll put one like abbey's :P

  4. Ire, you nominated Daria and Tayra for Bets Lips category, can you send me the pics or should i find myself ? :)

  5. i forgot to tell you, its under my sig. good idea, i'll post in that thread too !

  6. check out my Top 10 ;)

  7. Happy Bday hun ! i wish you all the best, enjoy your day :)

  8. thanks honey :heart:

  9. thank you honey, you are very sweet :)

  10. :o thank you :blush:

  11. yes, its my real name and i love it :P

  12. you are very welcome :)

  13. yep, that's me and my second tattoo 'Positividade' i'll get a new one next week i guess. :)

  14. thank you :)

    you are very nice.

  15. thanks layla, i love this pic !

  16. hi, its Positividade, means Positivity.

    i love my tattoo :P

  17. ur welcome, i know its addiction, when i got nothing to do i search in my magazines ads or something to scan :P

  18. izabel or fabiana will replace i just dont know wich pics i should use :/

  19. i take it back! i take it back! :chicken:

    i love you did you know that ? :hehe:

  20. Feliz Natal Ireeee ! :) and hey, im jealous .. im not in ur sig text :cry:

  21. :O omg you are so sweet. did you know i love you ire ? :hug:

  22. ireee .. so when you coming to Rio ? :brows: :P

  23. are you kidding ?! omg i want this vogue so bad ! i'll PM you latter with the brasilians mags is here right now so ou choose ;)

  24. yes, where are you nouve ? :\

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