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  1. I actually haven't seen that yet, but I really want too! :D So I take it is good.

  2. hello how are you? I had to leave for a month and had no internet acess! :( You know what would be great? If they made Rapunzel a 2D Disney movie. But it looks like it'll be 3D.

  3. the famous song she sings with John Smith defintely conveys that message. The one that goes "People who think and look like you...you'll learn things you never knew you never knew". Love it! And I love just about every song in that movie. Disney needs to make more movies like this again.

  4. Exactly. I was rewatching some scenes on youtube(I have the video though lol) and I thought everything was so deep. I wondered why I never caught on to the lyrics when I was little. Pocahontas's message is so strong and it's more than just an action-entertainment movie like Mulan. I enjoyed That movie to but it wasn't as powerful. And yeah, I think we can all learn some lessons from it

  5. Me too! I don't know anybody that really likes it, they all say Mulan is better or some other movie, but I think Pocahontas is crazy good.

  6. OMG I love your sig. Pocahontas is one of my faves! :D

  7. It's driver's ed teacher code.

  8. lol That's really funny. I guess 'top' doesn't really count it's the 's' you should look at. Yeah, this guy in my science class was telling me that he yells at you when he wants you to turn.

  9. lol Watch out, Matt, I'm coming to get you! I just hope that I don't drive with my teacher, he's cool, but I heard he yells a lot in the car.

  10. Thanks for the info. :) So I take the test in a little bit, just came home to eat. I'm so nervous!

  11. Darn, I posted on my profile!Anyways... What the? They hire just about anybody I guess lol. Mines a pretty cool guy. My problem is that he talks too fast, but he said it was because he was from New York lol. I have to take permit test tomorrow and I still haven't finished answering questions from the book!

  12. Okay I'm doing driving school now.

  13. Yes, I know, teens are crazy(well so are other people) but I'll be better than that. The things they do scare me at that school. They don't even looks at you, just cut you off! My parents say they will buy me one for next year, at least I hope so. either way i'm still going off campus lol.

  14. If we didn't, the cafeteria would be overcrowded and it's already crowded lol. i'm just not looking forward to the those crazy drivers. Those teens drive nuts and just cut you off and get in front of you and things like that. That makes me mad.

  15. Yeah, actually one of the things I can't wait for is driving off campus for lunch. That will be so worth it! Be like sorry chicas, you can't come!

  16. yeah, I'm going to go test next week! But today was bad. It was raining. I can get over that, but not when your "friends" are rude to you and crap like that.

  17. Hey and thanks! Today sucked by the way.

  18. I just read that other dude's comments. That's Marisa? She looks different, but good tho. :)

  19. haha, I was just going to ask you who was in ur avatar too.

  20. Thank you. :) I feel better now.

  21. thank you and hope you have happy holidays :D

  22. hey! I havent seen family yet sadly:( but i know a few will visit me in over the weekend so it's be okay. have u? srry i havent been on in awhile but I have been seriously sick.

  23. well my internet has been on for awhile now and im gonna keep it that way! ;p but i will let you know when something happens, thanx :)

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