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  1. Of course I play video games, I am more than sure that the majority on this forum is playing. Personally I like to play first person shooter games like Call of Duty or Counter Strike Global Offensive. So, I want to know if there are any csgo lovers, maybe we can have some fun together. Also, I am searching for people who sell csgo skins for good prices, I am keened on this things and I want to collect more and more, because who knows how much these are going to cost in 3-4 years. Write me a dm in case you have smth.
  2. Man, of course it's better to buy your own house and live in it, but this is only if you're ready to stay in this city / country all your life. I'm 26 years old and last year I moved from Arizona to Goa, India. I immediately bought a house on the beach by the sea and began to enjoy life. If you ask me if I regret what's left of civilization? - No! This state gave me peace and a desire to develop further. The only problems I have encountered are paperwork. It was very difficult for me to collect and translate the necessary documents, which is why I turned to the state company https://hrex.org/apna-khata-rajasthan that helped me with this. If you have money and the desire to buy a house-go ahead! This is your life and you're the master of it.
  3. WOW! I didn't like this game but after these movies I gonna play it! Not so long ago I played Minecraft on a server with a similar mod and I really liked the story of this game, and now when I saw the graphics I really wanted to play it and pass. I even think about creating my own server with this mod. I've already found a hosting service https://ggservers.com do you think this is a good hosting service? I've only read good reviews about it. I think you'll like this idea and you'll want to go through this game again but only in Minecraft.
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